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The 2001 Entire NFL Draft Review

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Offensive Tackle - Kenyatta Walker
Tampa Bay Buccaneers first overall pick.

The 2001 NFL draft was held at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York on April 21–22, 2001. The draft process assignes one pick per round with the order based generally on the reverse order of finish in the previous season with the team with the worst record receiving the first draft slot. Exceptions to this are the Super Bowl participants from the previous season — the champion Baltimore Ravens were assigned the final draft slot and the runner-up New York Giants assigned the 30th slot in each round. The draft was broadcast on ESPN and ESPN2. Due to previous trades, the Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans did not have selections in the first round. More than half of the players selected in the draft's first round (17 of 31) would eventually be elected to at least one Pro Bowl.

The first player selected in the draft was quarterback Michael Vick from Virginia Tech, who was selected by the Atlanta Falcons after they acquired the first pick in a trade with the San Diego Chargers. Vick spent six seasons with the Falcons before being sentenced to 21 months in prison for his involvement in an illegal interstate dog fighting ring, eventually rebounding his career with the Philadelphia Eagles after being released from prison and winning the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year Award in 2010.

Florida State quarterback Chris Weinke, the 2000 winner of the Heisman Trophy, awarded to the player deemed most outstanding in college football, was selected in the fourth round by the Carolina Panthers. After being a regular starter for the Panthers in his first season, during which Carolina posted a 1–15 record, Weinke played only 12 games over his final five seasons before being released. The last player selected, who traditionally receives the unofficial title Mr. Irrelevant, was Tevita Ofahengaue of Brigham Young University, who was chosen by the Arizona Cardinals. Ofahengaue never played in the NFL and in 2011 was charged with stealing gasoline from a construction company in Salt Lake City.

There were 31 compensatory selections distributed among 16 teams during rounds three through seven, with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills receiving 4 picks each.[1] The University of Miami was the college with the most players selected in the first round, with Dan Morgan, Damione Lewis, Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne all picked at that stage. Across the whole draft, however, Florida State University had the most players selected, a total of nine compared to Miami's seven.[9] No teams elected to claim any players in the 2001 supplemental draft.

The Buccaneers had the 21st overall selection in the 2001 draft but made a draft-day deal with the Buffalo Bills to move up seven spots and select Florida offensive tackle Kenyatta Walker. The sacrafice was their second round pick but every draft pundit commended the move as potentially filling the roster. The remaining rounds of the draft Buccaneers selected alternately 20th, 23rd, 22nd and 21st. The additional 7th round pick came from Atlanta for Quarterback Eric Zeier.

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Player Selections

Rnd. Pick # NFL Team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 Atlanta Falcons Michael Vick QB Virginia Tech Big East from Chargers
1 2 Arizona Cardinals Leonard Davis G Texas Big 12
1 3 Cleveland Browns Gerard Warren DT Florida SEC
1 4 Cincinnati Bengals Justin Smith DE Missouri Big 12
1 5 San Diego Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson RB Texas Christian WAC from Falcons
1 6 New England Patriots Richard Seymour DT Georgia SEC
1 7 San Francisco 49ers Andre Carter DE California Pac-10 from Cowboys
1 8 Chicago Bears David Terrell WR Michigan Big Ten
1 9 Seattle Seahawks Koren Robinson WR NC State ACC from 49ers
1 10 Green Bay Packers Jamal Reynolds DE Florida State ACC from Seahawks
1 11 Carolina Panthers Dan Morgan LB Miami (FL) Big East
1 12 St. Louis Rams Damione Lewis DT Miami (FL) Big East from Chiefs
1 13 Jacksonville Jaguars Marcus Stroud DT Georgia SEC
1 14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kenyatta Walker OT Florida SEC from Bills
1 15 Washington Redskins Rod Gardner WR Clemson ACC
1 16 New York Jets Santana Moss WR Miami (FL) Big East from Steelers
1 17 Seattle Seahawks Steve Hutchinson G Michigan Big Ten from Packers
1 18 Detroit Lions Jeff Backus OT Michigan Big Ten
1 19 Pittsburgh Steelers Casey Hampton DT Texas Big 12 from Jets
1 20 St. Louis Rams Adam Archuleta SS Arizona State Pac-10
1 21 Buffalo Bills Nate Clements CB Ohio State Big Ten from BUCS
1 22 New York Giants Will Allen CB Syracuse Big East from Colts
1 23 New Orleans Saints /Deuce McAllister RB Mississippi SEC
1 24 Denver Broncos Willie Middlebrooks CB Minnesota Big Ten
1 25 Philadelphia Eagles Freddie Mitchell WR UCLA Pac-10
1 26 Miami Dolphins Jamar Fletcher CB Wisconsin Big Ten
1 27 Minnesota Vikings Michael Bennett RB Wisconsin Big Ten
1 28 Oakland Raiders Derrick Gibson SS Florida State ACC
1 29 St. Louis Rams Ryan Pickett DT Ohio State Big Ten from Titans
1 30 Indianapolis Colts Reggie Wayne WR Miami (FL) Big East from Giants
1 31 Baltimore Ravens Todd Heap TE Arizona State Pac-10
2 32 San Diego Chargers Drew Brees QB Purdue Big Ten
2 33 Cleveland Browns Quincy Morgan WR Kansas State Big 12
2 34 Arizona Cardinals Kyle Vanden Bosch DE Nebraska Big 12
2 35 Atlanta Falcons Alge Crumpler TE North Carolina ACC
2 36 Cincinnati Bengals Chad Johnson WR Oregon State Pac-10
2 37 Indianapolis Colts Idrees Bashir FS Memphis C-USA from Cowbows
2 38 Chicago Bears Anthony Thomas RB Michigan Big Ten
2 39 Pittsburgh Steelers Kendrell Bell LB Georgia SEC from Patriots
2 40 Seattle Seahawks Ken Lucas CB Mississippi SEC
2 41 Green Bay Packers Robert Ferguson WR Texas A&M Big 12 from 49ers
2 42 St. Louis Rams Tommy Polley OLB Florida State ACC from Chiefs
2 43 Jacksonville Jaguars Maurice Williams OT Michigan Big Ten
2 44 Carolina Panthers Kris Jenkins DT Maryland ACC  
2 45 Washington Redskins Fred Smoot CB Mississippi State SEC
2 46 Buffalo Bills Aaron Schobel DE Texas Christian WAC  
2 47 San Francisco 49ers Jamie Winborn OLB Vanderbilt SEC from Packers
2 48 New England Patriots Matt Light OT Purdue Big Ten from Lions
2 49 New York Jets Lamont Jordan RB Maryland ACC
2 50 Detroit Lions Dominic Raiola C Nebraska Big 12 from Steelers
2 51 Denver Broncos Toviessi, PaulPaul Toviessi DE Marshall MAC from BUCS
2 52 Miami Dolphins Chris Chambers WR Wisconsin Big Ten from Colts
2 53 Dallas Cowboys Quincy Carter QB Georgia SEC from Saints
2 54 Arizona Cardinals Michael Stone SS Memphis C-USA from Rams
2 55 Philadelphia Eagles Quinton Caver LB Arkansas SEC
2 56 Dallas Cowboys Tony Dixon SS Alabama SEC from Dolphins
2 57 Minnesota Vikings Willie Howard DE Stanford Pac-10
2 58 Buffalo Bills Travis Henry RB Tennessee SEC from Broncos
2 59 Oakland Raiders Marques Tuiasosopo QB Washington Pac-10
2 60 Tennessee Titans Andre Dyson CB Utah MWC
2 61 Detroit Lions Shaun Rogers DT Texas Big 12 from Giants
2 62 Baltimore Ravens Gary Baxter CB Baylor Big 12
3 63 Philadelphia Eagles Derrick Burgess DE Mississippi SEC from Chargers
3 64 Arizona Cardinals Adrian Wilson SS NC State ACC  
3 65 Cleveland Browns James Jackson RB Miami (FL) Big East
3 66 Cincinnati Bengals Sean Brewer TE San Jose State WAC
3 67 San Diego Chargers Tay Cody CB Florida State ACC from Falcons
3 68 Chicago Bears Mike Gandy OT Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
3 69 Minnesota Vikings Eric Kelly CB Kentucky SEC from Patriots
3 70 New Orleans Saints Sedrick Hodge OLB North Carolina ACC from Cowboys
3 71 Green Bay Packers Bhawoh Jue FS Penn State Big Ten from 49ers
3 72 Green Bay Packers Torrance Marshall ILB Oklahoma Big 12 from Seahawks
3 73 Jacksonville Jaguars Eric Westmoreland OLB Tennessee SEC
3 74 Carolina Panthers Steve Smith WR Utah MWC
3 75 Kansas City Chiefs Eric Downing DT Syracuse Big East
3 76 Buffalo Bills Ron Edwards DT Texas A&M Big 12
3 77 Kansas City Chiefs Marvin Minnis WR Florida State ACC from Redskins
3 78 New York Giants Will Peterson CB Western Illinois Gateway from Lions
3 79 New York Jets Kareem McKenzie OT Penn State Big Ten
3 80 San Francisco 49ers Kevan Barlow RB Pittsburgh Big East from Packers
3 81 New Orleans Saints Kenny Smith DT Alabama SEC from Colts
3 82 Seattle Seahawks Heath Evans FB Auburn SEC from Saints
3 83 St. Louis Rams Brian Allen OLB Florida State ACC
3 84 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dwight Smith SS Akron MAC
3 85 Miami Dolphins Travis Minor RB Florida State ACC
3 86 New England Patriots Brock Williams CB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A) from Vikings
3 87 Denver Broncos Reggie Hayward DE Iowa State Big 12
3 88 Miami Dolphins Morlon Greenwood ILB Syracuse Big East from Eagles
3 89 Oakland Raiders DeLawrence Grant OLB Oregon State Pac-10
3 90 Tennessee Titans Shad Meier TE Kansas State Big 12
3 91 Indianapolis Colts Cory Bird SS Virginia Tech Big East from Giants
3 92 Baltimore Ravens Casey Rabach C Wisconsin Big Ten
3 93 Dallas Cowboys Willie Blade DT Mississippi State SEC
3 94 Jacksonville Jaguars James Boyd SS Penn State Big Ten
3 95 Buffalo Bills Jonas Jennings OT Georgia SEC
4 96 New England Patriots Kenyatta Jones OT South Florida Ind. (I-AA) from Chargers
4 97 Cleveland Browns Anthony Henry CB South Florida Ind. (I-AA)
4 98 Arizona Cardinals Bill Gramatica K South Florida Ind. (I-AA)
4 99 Atlanta Falcons Roberto Garza C Texas A&M–Kingsville Lone Star
4 100 Cincinnati Bengals Rudi Johnson RB Auburn SEC  
4 101 New York Jets Jamie Henderson CB Georgia SEC from Patriots
4 102 Atlanta Falcons Matt Stewart OLB Vanderbilt SEC from Cowboys
4 103 Chicago Bears Karon Riley DE Minnesota Big Ten
4 104 Seattle Seahawks Orlando Huff OLB Fresno State WAC
4 105 Green Bay Packers Bill Ferrario G Wisconsin Big Ten from 49ers
4 106 Carolina Panthers Chris Weinke QB Florida State ACC Heisman winner
4 107 Kansas City Chiefs Monty Beisel ILB Kansas State Big 12
4 108 Kansas City Chiefs George Layne RB Texas Christian WAC from Jaguars
4 109 Washington Redskins Sage Rosenfels QB Iowa State Big 12
4 110 Buffalo Bills Brandon Spoon ILB North Carolina ACC from Broncos
4 111 Pittsburgh Steelers Mathias Nkwenti OT Temple Big East from Nets
4 112 San Diego Chargers Carlos Polk OLB Nebraska Big 12 from Steerlers
4 113 Denver Broncos Ben Hamilton G Minnesota Big Ten from Packers
4 114 New York Giants Cedric Scott DE Southern Mississippi C-USA from Lions
4 115 New Orleans Saints Moran Norris FB Kansas Big 12
4 116 St. Louis Rams Milton Wynn WR Washington State Pac-10
4 117 Tampa Bay Buccaneers John Howell SS Colorado State MWC
4 118 Indianapolis Colts Ryan Diem OT NIU MAC
4 119 New England Patriots Jabari Holloway TE Notre Dame Ind. (I-A) from Vikings
4 120 Denver Broncos Nick Harris P California Pac-10
4 121 Philadelphia Eagles Correll Buckhalter RB Nebraska Big 12
4 122 Dallas Cowboys Markus Steele OLB USC Pac-10 from Dolphins
4 123 Arizona Cardinals Marcus Bell DT Memphis C-USA from Raiders
4 124 Tennessee Titans Justin McCareins WR NIU MAC
4 125 New York Giants Jesse Palmer QB Florida SEC
4 126 Baltimore Ravens Edgerton Hartwell ILB Western Illinois Gateway
4 127 Seattle Seahawks Curtis Fuller FS Texas Christian WAC
4 128 Seattle Seahawks Floyd Womack OT Mississippi State SEC
4 129 St. Louis Rams Brandon Manumaleuna TE Arizona Pac-10
4 130 Minnesota Vikings Shawn Worthen DT Texas Christian WAC
4 131 Minnesota Vikings Cedric James WR Texas Christian WAC
5 132 San Diego Chargers Elliot Silvers OT Washington Pac-10
5 133 Arizona Cardinals Mario Fatafehi DT Kansas State Big 12
5 134 Cleveland Browns Jeremiah Pharms LB Washington Pac-10
5 135 Cincinnati Bengals Victor Leyva OT Arizona State Pac-10
5 136 Atlanta Falcons Vinny Sutherland WR Purdue Big Ten
5 137 Dallas Cowboys Matt Lehr G Virginia Tech Big East
5 138 Chicago Bears Bernard Robertson OT Tulane C-USA
5 139 San Diego Chargers Zeke Moreno ILB USC Pac-10 from Patriots
5 140 Seattle Seahawks Alex Bannister WR Eastern Kentucky OVC  
5 141 Kansas City Chiefs Billy Baber TE Virginia ACC
5 142 Jacksonville Jaguars David Leaverton P Tennessee SEC
5 143 Carolina Panthers Jarrod Cooper SS Kansas State Big 12
5 144 Buffalo Bills Marques Sullivan OT Illinois Big Ten
5 145 St. Louis Rams Jerametrius Butler CB Kansas State Big 12 from Redskins
5 146 Pittsburgh Steelers Chukky Okobi C Purdue Big Ten
5 147 Philadelphia Eagles Tony Stewart TE Penn State Big Ten from Packers
5 148 Detroit Lions Scotty Anderson WR Grambling State SWAC
5 149 Detroit Lions Mike McMahon QB Rutgers Big East from Jets
5 150 Kansas City Chiefs Derrick Blaylock RB Stephen F. Austin Southland from Rams
5 151 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Russ Hochstein G Nebraska Big 12
5 152 Indianapolis Colts Raymond Walls CB Southern Miss C-USA
5 153 New Orleans Saints Onome Ojo WR UC Davis Ind. (Div. II)
5 154 Washington Redskins Darnerien McCants WR Delaware State MEAC from Broncos
5 155 Philadelphia Eagles A. J. Feeley QB Oregon Pac-10
5 156 Miami Dolphins Shawn Draper TE Alabama SEC
5 157 Minnesota Vikings Patrickah OLB Wyoming MWC
5 158 Oakland Raiders Ray Perryman SS Northern Arizona Big Sky
5 159 Tennessee Titans Eddie Berlin WR Northern Iowa Gateway
5 160 New York Giants John Markham K Vanderbilt SEC
5 161 Baltimore Ravens Chris Barnes RB New Mexico State
5 162 New York Giants Jonathan Carter WR Troy Southland
5 163 New England Patriots Hakim Akbar OLB Washington Pac-10
6 164 Miami Dolphins Brandon Winey OT LSU SEC from Chargers
6 165 Cleveland Browns Michael Jameson CB Texas A&M Big 12
6 166 Arizona Cardinals Bobby Newcombe WR Nebraska Big 12
6 167 Atlanta Falcons Randy Garner DE Arkansas SEC
6 168 Cincinnati Bengals Riall Johnson OLB Stanford Pac-10
6 169 San Francisco 49ers Cedrick Wilson WR Tennessee SEC from Bears
6 170 Jacksonville Jaguars Chad Ward G Washington Pac-10 from Patriots
6 171 Dallas Cowboys Daleroy Stewart DT Southern Miss C-USA
6 172 Seattle Seahawks Josh Booty QB LSU SEC
6 173 Detroit Lions Jason Glenn OLB Texas A&M Big 12 from 49ers
6 174 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jameel Cook FB Illinois Big Ten
6 175 Carolina Panthers Dee Brown RB Syracuse Big East
6 176 Kansas City Chiefs Alex Sulfsted G Miami (OH) MAC
6 177 Miami Dolphins Josh Heupel QB Oklahoma Big 12 from Redskins
6 178 Buffalo Bills Tony Driver FS Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
6 179 San Francisco 49ers Rashad Holman CB Louisville C-USA from Packers
6 180 New England Patriots Arther Love TE South Carolina State MEAC from Lions
6 181 Pittsburgh Steelers Rodney Bailey DE Ohio State Big Ten from Jets
6 182 Pittsburgh Steelers Roger Knight OLB Wisconsin Big Ten
6 183 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ellis Wyms DT Mississippi State SEC
6 184 Oakland Raiders Chris Cooper DT Nebraska–Omaha NCC from Colts
6 185 New Orleans Saints Mitch White OT Oregon State Pac-10
6 186 Washington Redskins Mario Monds DT Cincinnati C-USA from Rams
6 187 Miami Dolphins Otis Leverette DE UAB C-USA from Eagles
6 188 Miami Dolphins Rick Crowell LB Colorado State MWC
6 189 Minnesota Vikings Scott, CareyCarey Scott CB Kentucky State SIAC
6 190 Denver Broncos Kevin Kasper WR Iowa Big Ten
6 191 San Francisco 49ers Menson Holloway DE Texas-El Paso WAC from Raiders
6 192 Tennessee Titans Dan Alexander RB Nebraska Big 12
6 193 Indianapolis Colts Jason Doering FS Wisconsin Big Ten from Giants
6 194 Baltimore Ravens Joe Maese LS New Mexico MWC
6 195 Buffalo Bills Dan O'Leary TE Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
6 196 Buffalo Bills Jimmy Williams CB Vanderbilt SEC
6 197 St. Louis Rams Francis St. Paul WR Northern Arizona Big Sky
6 198 Green Bay Packers David Martin TE Tennessee SEC
6 199 Tennessee Titans Adam Haayer OT Minnesota Big Ten
6 200 New England Patriots Leonard Myers CB Miami (FL) Big East
7 201 San Diego Chargers Brandon Gorin OT Purdue Big Ten
7 202 Arizona Cardinals Renaldo Hill CB Michigan State Big Ten
7 203 Cleveland Browns Paul Zukauskas G Boston College Big East
7 204 Cincinnati Bengals T. J. Houshmandzadeh WR Oregon State Pac-10  
7 205 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dauntae' Finger TE North Carolina ACC from Falcons
7 206 New York Jets James Reed DT Iowa State Big 12 from Patriots
7 207 Dallas Cowboys Colston Weatherington DT Central Missouri State MIAA
7 208 Chicago Bears John Capel WR Florida SEC from Bears
7 209 San Francisco 49ers Alex Lincoln LB Auburn SEC
7 210 Seattle Seahawks Harold Blackmon SS Northwestern Big Ten
7 211 Carolina Panthers Louis Williams C LSU SEC
7 212 Kansas City Chiefs Shaunard Harts S Boise State Big West
7 213 Jacksonville Jaguars Anthony Denman OLB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
7 214 Buffalo Bills Reggie Germany WR Ohio State Big Ten
7 215 Atlanta Falcons Corey Hall FS Appalachian State SoCon from Redskins
7 216 New England Patriots Owen Pochman K BYU MWC from Lions
7 217 New York Jets Tupe Peko G Michigan State Big Ten
7 218 Pittsburgh Steelers Chris Taylor WR Texas A&M Big 12
7 219 Atlanta Falcons Kynan Forney G Hawaii WAC from Packers
7 220 Indianapolis Colts Rick DeMulling G Idaho Big West
7 221 New Orleans Saints Ennis Davis DT USC Pac-10
7 222 Seattle Seahawks Dennis Norman C Princeton Ivy from Rams
7 223 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Than Merrill SS Yale Ivy
7 224 San Francisco 49ers Eric Johnson TE Yale Ivy from Dolphins
7 225 Minnesota Vikings Brian Crawford OT Western Oregon CFA
7 226 Atlanta Falcons Ronald Flemons DE Texas A&M Big 12 from Broncos
7 227 Carolina Panthers Mike Roberg TE Idaho Big West from Eagles
7 228 Oakland Raiders Derek Combs CB Ohio State Big Ten
7 229 Oakland Raiders Ken-Yon Rambo WR Ohio State Big Ten from Titans
7 230 New York Giants Ross Kolodziej DT Wisconsin Big Ten
7 231 Baltimore Ravens Dwayne Missouri DE Northwestern Big Ten
7 232 Tennessee Titans Keith Adams OLB Clemson ACC
7 233 Jacksonville Jaguars Marlon McCree SS Kentucky SEC
7 234 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Joe Tafoya DE Arizona Pac-10
7 235 Jacksonville Jaguars Richmond Flowers III WR Tennessee–Chattanooga SoCon
7 236 Atlanta Falcons Quentin McCord WR Kentucky SEC
7 237 Seattle Seahawks Kris Kocurek DT Texas Tech Big 12
7 238 Buffalo Bills Tyrone Robertson DT Georgia SEC
7 239 New England Patriots T. J. Turner OLB Michigan State Big Ten
7 240 Dallas Cowboys John Nix NT Southern Mississippi C-USA
7 241 Jacksonville Jaguars Randy Chevrier DT McGill OQIFC
7 242 Detroit Lions Andrew Stoops OT Florida State ACC
7 243 Kansas City Chiefs Terdell Sands DT Tennessee–Chattanooga SoCon
7 244 San Diego Chargers Robert Carswell SS Clemson ACC
7 245 Cleveland Browns Andre King WR Miami (FL) Big East
7 246 Arizona Cardinals Tevita Ofahengaue TE BYU MWC

Notable Undrafted Players

Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Atlanta Falcons Jay Feely K Michigan Big Ten
Carolina Panthers Nick Goings FB Pittsburgh Big East
Cincinnati Bengals Ifeanyi Ohalete S USC Pac-10
Dallas Cowboys Jason Bell CB UCLA Pac-10
Dallas Cowboys Demetric Evans DE Georgia SEC
Dallas Cowboys Lynn Scott S N.W. Ok. State CSFL
Green Bay Packers Kevin Kaesviharn S Augustana College (SD) NCIAC
Indianapolis Colts Nick Harper CB Fort Valley State SIAC
Indianapolis Colts Dominic Rhodes RB Midwestern State Lone Star
Kansas City Chiefs Lawrence Tynes K Troy Southland
Minnesota Vikings Brian Russell S San Diego State MWC
New England Patriots Stephen Neal G Cal State-Bakersfield  
New Orleans Saints Boo Williams TE Arkansas SEC  
New York Giants Rich Seubert G Western Illinois Gateway
New York Giants Josh Stamer LB South Dakota NCC
Pittsburgh Steelers Chris Hoke DT BYU MWC
San Francisco 49ers Tom Ashworth OT Colorado Big 12
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chuck Darby DT South Carolina State MEAC
Tennessee Titans Drew Bennett WR UCLA Pac-10
Tennessee Titans Rob Bironas K Georgia Southern SoCon
Tennessee Titans Juqua Parker DE Oklahoma State Big 12
Washington Redskins Antonio Pierce LB Arizona Pac-10

Hall of Famers

  • LaDainian Tomlinson, running back from Texas Christian University, taken 1st round 5th overall by the San Diego Chargers.
    Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2017..
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