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The 1999 Entire NFL Draft Review

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Defensive Tackle - Anthony McFarland
Tampa Bay Buccaneers first overall pick.

The draft was held April 17–18, 1999, at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

The New Orleans Saints traded all six of their draft picks to the Washington Redskins for the fifth overall selection, which they used to select running back Ricky Williams. This was the first and only time that an NFL team has had only one pick in a draft.

Five quarterbacks were selected in the first round, second most after the 1983 NFL Draft.

The Buccaneers drafted 15th in the first round and then alternately 19th through 15th from then on. The additional 6th and 7th round picks came from the Jacksonville Jaguars in return for selecting in the 6th round picks. The original 6th round pick had been traded to Baltimore for Quarterback Eric Zeier, but an additional 6th round pick came from the Kansas City Chiefs in return for Safety Melvin Johnson.

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C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back DE Defensive end
DL Defensive lineman DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety
G Guard HB Halfback K Placekicker KR Kick returner
LB Linebacker LS Long snapper OT Offensive Tackle OL Offensive lineman
NT Nose tackle P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback
RB Running back S Safety SS Strong safety TB Tailback
TE Tight end WR Wide receiver        

Player Selections

Rnd. Pick # NFL Team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 Cleveland Browns Tim Couch QB Kentucky SEC
1 2 Philadelphia Eagles Donovan McNabb QB Syracuse Big East
1 3 Cincinnati Bengals Akili Smith QB Oregon Pac-10
1 4 Indianapolis Colts Edgerrin James RB Miami (FL) Big East
1 5 New Orleans Saints Ricky Williams RB Texas Big 12 from Panthers
1 6 St. Louis Rams Torry Holt WR North Carolina State ACC
1 7 Washington Redskins Champ Bailey CB Georgia SEC from Bears
1 8 Arizona Cardinals David Boston WR Ohio State Big Ten from Chargers
1 9 Detroit Lions Chris Claiborne LB USC Pac-10
1 10 Baltimore Ravens Chris McAlister CB Arizona Pac-10
1 11 Minnesota Vikings Daunte Culpepper QB Central Florida Ind. (I-A) from Redskins
1 12 Chicago Bears Cade McNown QB UCLA Pac-10 from Saints
1 13 Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Edwards WR Louisiana Tech Ind. (I-A)
1 14 Kansas City Chiefs John Tait OT BYU WAC
1 15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Anthony McFarland DT LSU SEC
1 16 Tennessee Titans Jevon Kearse DE Florida SEC
1 17 New England Patriots Damien Woody C Boston College Big East from Seahawks
1 18 Oakland Raiders Matt Stinchcomb OT Georgia SEC
1 19 New York Giants Luke Petitgout OT Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
1 20 Dallas Cowboys Ebenezer Ekuban DE North Carolina ACC from Patriots
1 21 Arizona Cardinals L.J. Shelton OT Eastern Michigan MAC
1 22 Seattle Seahawks Lamar King DE Saginaw Valley State MIFC from Cowboys
1 23 Buffalo Bills Antoine Winfield CB Ohio State Big Ten
1 24 San Francisco 49ers Reggie McGrew DT Florida SEC from Dolphins
1 25 Green Bay Packers Antuan Edwards S Clemson ACC
1 26 Jacksonville Jaguars Fernando Bryant CB Alabama SEC
1 27 Detroit Lions Aaron Gibson OT Wisconsin Big Ten from 49ers
1 28 New England Patriots Andy Katzenmoyer LB Ohio State Big Ten from NY Jets
1 29 Minnesota Vikings Dimitrius Underwood DE Michigan State Big Ten
1 30 Atlanta Falcons Patrick Kerney DE Virginia ACC
1 31 Denver Broncos Al Wilson LB Tennessee SEC
2 32 Cleveland Browns Kevin Johnson WR Syracuse Big East
2 33 Cincinnati Bengals Charles Fisher CB West Virginia Big East
2 34 Carolina Panthers Chris Terry OT Georgia SEC from Colts
2 35 Philadelphia Eagles Barry Gardner LB Northwestern Big Ten
2 36 Indianapolis Colts Mike Peterson LB Florida SEC from Rams
2 37 Washington Redskins Jon Jansen OT Michigan Big Ten from Bears
2 38 Carolina Panthers Mike Rucker DE Nebraska Big 12
2 39 Miami Dolphins James Johnson RB Mississippi State SEC from Lions
2 San Diego Chargers pick forfeited after selecting defensive tackle Jamal Williams in the 98 supplemental draft.
2 40 Oakland Raiders Tony Bryant DE Florida State ACC from Redskins
2 41 St. Louis Rams Dré Bly CB North Carolina ACC from Saints
2 42 Atlanta Falcons Reggie Kelly TE Mississippi State SEC from Ravens
2 43 Miami Dolphins Rob Konrad FB Syracuse Big East from Chiefs
2 44 Minnesota Vikings Jim Kleinsasser TE North Dakota from Steelers
2 45 Cleveland Browns Rahim Abdullah LB Clemson ACC
2 46 New England Patriots Kevin Faulk RB LSU SEC from Titans
2 47 Green Bay Packers Fred Vinson CB Vanderbilt SEC from Seahawks
2 48 Chicago Bears Russell Davis DT North Carolina ACC from Raiders
2 49 New York Giants Joe Montgomery RB Ohio State Big Ten
2 50 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Shaun King QB Tulane C-USA
2 51 Arizona Cardinals Johnny Rutledge LB Florida SEC
2 52 Tennessee Titans John Thornton DT West Virginia Big East from Patriots
2 53 Buffalo Bills Peerless Price WR Tennessee SEC
2 54 Kansas City Chiefs Mike Cloud RB Boston College Big East from Dolphins
2 55 Dallas Cowboys Solomon Page G West Virginia Big East
2 56 Jacksonville Jaguars Larry Smith DT Florida State ACC
2 Green Bay Packers pick forfeited after selecting offensive guard Mike Wahle in the 1998 supplemental draft.
2 57 New York Jets Randy Thomas G Mississippi State SEC
2 58 Denver Broncos Montae Reagor DT Texas Tech Big 12 from 49ers
2 59 Pittsburgh Steelers Scott Shields S Weber State Big Sky from Vikings
2 60 San Diego Chargers Jermaine Fazande RB Oklahoma Big 12 from Falcons
2 61 Denver Broncos Lennie Friedman G Duke ACC
3 62 Cleveland Browns Daylon McCutcheon CB USC Pac-10
3 63 Indianapolis Colts Brandon Burlsworth G Arkansas SEC
3 64 Philadelphia Eagles Doug Brzezinski G Boston College Big East
3 65 Cincinnati Bengals Cory Hall S Fresno State WAC
3 66 Chicago Bears Rex Tucker OT Texas A&M Big 12
3 67 Denver Broncos Chris Watson CB Eastern Illinois OVC from Panthers
3 68 St. Louis Rams Rich Coady S Texas A&M Big 12
3 69 San Diego Chargers Steve Heiden TE South Dakota State NCC
3 70 Detroit Lions Jared DeVries DE Iowa Big Ten from Lions
3 71 Chicago Bears D'Wayne Bates WR Northwestern Big Ten from Saints
3 72 Miami Dolphins Grey Ruegamer C Arizona State Pac-10 from Ravens
3 73 Pittsburgh Steelers Joey Porter LB Colorado State WAC from Redskins
3 74 Pittsburgh Steelers Kris Farris OT UCLA Pac-10
3 75 Kansas City Chiefs Gary Stills DE West Virginia Big East
3 76 Cleveland Browns Marquis Smith S California Pac-10
3 77 Seattle Seahawks Brock Huard QB Washington Pac-10
3 78 Chicago Bears Marty Booker WR Louisiana-Monroe Ind. (I-A) from Raiders
3 79 New York Giants Dan Campbell TE Texas A&M Big 12
3 80 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Martín Gramática K Kansas State Big 12
3 81 Tennessee Titans Zach Piller G Florida SEC
3 82 Seattle Seahawks Karsten Bailey WR Auburn SEC from Patriots
3 83 Arizona Cardinals Tom Burke DE Wisconsin Big Ten
3 84 Kansas City Chiefs Larry Atkins LB UCLA Pac-10 from Dolphins
3 85 Dallas Cowboys Dat Nguyen LB Texas A&M Big 12
3 86 Buffalo Bills Shawn Bryson FB Tennessee SEC
3 87 Green Bay Packers Mike McKenzie CB Memphis C-USA
3 88 Jacksonville Jaguars Anthony Cesario G Colorado State WAC
3 89 San Francisco 49ers Chike Okeafor DE Purdue Big Ten
3 90 New York Jets David Loverne G San Jose State WAC
3 91 New England Patriots Tony George S Florida SEC from Vikings
3 92 Atlanta Falcons Jeff Paulk FB Arizona State Pac-10
3 93 Denver Broncos Travis McGriff WR Florida SEC
3 94 Green Bay Packers Cletidus Hunt DT Kentucky State SIAC
3 95 Pittsburgh Steelers Amos Zereoué RB West Virginia Big East
4 96 Indianapolis Colts Paul Miranda CB Central Florida Ind. (I-A) from Browns
4 97 Philadelphia Eagles John Welbourn OT California Pac-10
4 98 Cincinnati Bengals Craig Yeast WR Kentucky SEC
4 99 San Francisco 49ers Anthony Parker CB Weber State Big Sky from Colts
4 100 Carolina Panthers Hannibal Navies LB Colorado Big 12
4 101 St. Louis Rams Joe Germaine QB Ohio State Big Ten
4 102 Oakland Raiders Dameane Douglas WR California Pac-10 from Bears
4 103 Detroit Lions Sedrick Irvin RB Michigan State Big Ten
4 104 San Diego Chargers Jason Perry S North Carolina State ACC
4 105 Baltimore Ravens Brandon Stokley WR Louisiana-Lafayette Ind. (I-A)
4 106 Chicago Bears Warrick Holdman LB Texas A&M Big 12 from Redskins
4 107 Washington Redskins Nate Stimson LB Georgia Tech ACC from Saints
4 108 Kansas City Chiefs Larry Parker WR USC Pac-10
4 109 Pittsburgh Steelers Aaron Smith DE Northern Colorado NCIAC
4 110 San Francisco 49ers Pierson Prioleau S Virginia Tech Big East from Browns
4 111 Chicago Bears Rosevelt Colvin LB Purdue Big Ten from Raiders
4 112 New York Giants Sean Bennett RB Northwestern Big Ten
4 113 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dexter Jackson S Florida State ACC
4 114 Tennessee Titans Brad Ware S Auburn SEC
4 115 Seattle Seahawks Antonio Cochran DE Georgia SEC
4 116 Arizona Cardinals Joel Makovicka FB Nebraska Big 12
4 117 Tennessee Titans Donald Mitchell CB Southern Methodist WAC from Patriots
4 118 Dallas Cowboys Wane McGarity WR Texas Big 12
4 119 Buffalo Bills Keith Newman LB North Carolina ACC
4 120 Minnesota Vikings Kenny Wright CB Northwestern State Southland from Dolphins
4 121 Jacksonville Jaguars Kevin Landolt OT West Virginia Big East
4 122 Buffalo Bills Bobby Collins TE North Alabama from Packers
4 123 New York Jets Jason Wiltz OT Nebraska Big 12
4 124 Cleveland Browns Wali Rainer LB Virginia ACC from 49ers
4 125 Minnesota Vikings Jay Humphrey OT Texas Big 12
4 126 Atlanta Falcons Johndale Carty S Utah State Big West
4 127 Denver Broncos Olandis Gary RB Georgia SEC
4 128 Philadelphia Eagles Damon Moore S Ohio State Big Ten
4 129 Baltimore Ravens Edwin Mulitalo G Arizona Pac-10
4 130 Philadelphia Eagles Na Brown WR North Carolina ACC
4 131 Green Bay Packers Aaron Brooks QB Virginia ACC
4 132 Dallas Cowboys Peppi Zellner DE Fort Valley State SIAC
4 133 Green Bay Packers Josh Bidwell P Oregon Pac-10
5 134 Miami Dolphins Cecil Collins RB McNeese State Southland from Browns
5 135 Cincinnati Bengals Nick Luchey FB Miami (FL) Big East
5 136 Pittsburgh Steelers Jerame Tuman TE Michigan Big Ten from Colts
5 137 Detroit Lions Tyree Talton S Northern Iowa Gateway from Eagles
5 138 Indianapolis Colts Brad Scioli DE Penn State Big Ten from Rams
5 139 San Diego Chargers Adrian Dingle DE Clemson ACC from Bears
5 140 Seattle Seahawks Floyd Wedderburn G Penn State Big Ten from Panthers
5 141 San Diego Chargers Reggie Nelson G McNeese State Southland
5 142 Miami Dolphins Bryan Jones LB Oregon State Pac-10 from Lions
5 143 Chicago Bears Jerry Wisne OT Notre Dame Ind. (I-A) from Redskins
5 144 Chicago Bears Khari Samuel LB Massachusetts A-10 from Saints
5 145 St. Louis Rams Cameron Spikes G Texas A&M Big 12 from Ravens
5 146 Oakland Raiders Eric Barton LB Maryland ACC from Steelers
5 147 Chicago Bears Jerry Azumah CB New Hampshire A-10 from Chiefs
5 148 Cleveland Browns Darrin Chiaverini WR Colorado Big 12
5 149 New York Giants Mike Rosenthal OT Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
5 150 Tampa Bay Buccaneers John McLaughlin DE California Pac-10
5 151 Tennessee Titans Kevin Daft QB UC Davis Ind. (Div. II)
5 152 Seattle Seahawks Charlie Rogers RB Georgia Tech ACC
5 153 Oakland Raiders Roderick Coleman DT East Carolina C-USA
5 154 New England Patriots Derrick Fletcher G Baylor Big 12
5 155 Arizona Cardinals Paris Johnson S Miami (OH) MAC
5 156 Buffalo Bills Jay Foreman LB Nebraska Big 12
5 157 San Francisco 49ers Terry Jackson FB Florida SEC from Dolphins
5 158 Denver Broncos David Bowens DE Western Illinois Gateway from Cowboys
5 159 Green Bay Packers De'mond Parker RB Oklahoma Big 12
5 160 Jacksonville Jaguars Jason Craft CB Colorado State WAC
5 161 San Francisco 49ers Tyrone Hopson G Eastern Kentucky OVC
5 162 New York Jets Jermaine Jones CB Northwestern State Southland
5 163 Green Bay Packers Craig Heimburger G Missouri Big 12 from Vikings
5 164 Atlanta Falcons Eugene Baker WR Kent State MAC
5 165 Washington Redskins Derek Smith OT Virginia Tech Big East from Broncos
5 166 Pittsburgh Steelers Malcolm Johnson WR Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
5 167 Denver Broncos Darwin Brown CB Texas Tech Big 12
5 168 Arizona Cardinals Yusuf Scott G Arizona Pac-10
5 169 Minnesota Vikings Chris Jones S Clemson ACC
6 170 Seattle Seahawks Steve Johnson CB Tennessee SEC from Browns
6 171 San Francisco 49ers Tai Streets WR Michigan Big Ten from Colts
6 172 Philadelphia Eagles Cecil Martin FB Wisconsin Big Ten
6 173 Cincinnati Bengals Kelly Gregg DT Oklahoma Big 12
6 174 Cleveland Browns Marcus Spriggs DT Troy Southland from Bears
6 175 Carolina Panthers Robert Daniel DE Northwestern State Southland
6 176 St. Louis Rams Lionel Barnes DE Louisiana-Monroe Ind. (I-A)
6 177 Detroit Lions Clint Kriewaldt LB Wisconsin–Stevens Point WIAC
6 178 San Diego Chargers Tyrone Bell CB North Alabama
6 179 Denver Broncos Desmond Clark TE Wake Forest ACC from Saints
6 180 New England Patriots Marcus Washington S Colorado Big 12 from Ravens
6 181 Washington Redskins Jeff Hall K Tennessee SEC
6 182 Jacksonville Jaguars Emarlos Leroy DT Georgia SEC from Chiefs
6 183 New York Jets Marc Megna LB Richmond A-10 from Steelers
6 184 Chicago Bears Rashard Cook S USC Pac-10 from Browns
6 185 Minnesota Vikings Talance Sawyer DT Nevada-Las Vegas WAC from BUCS
6 186 Tennessee Titans Darran Hall WR Colorado State WAC
6 187 Cleveland Browns Kendall Ogle LB Maryland ACC from Seahawks
6 188 Oakland Raiders Daren Yancey DT BYU WAC from Raiders
6 189 New York Giants Lyle West S San Jose State WAC
6 190 Arizona Cardinals Coby Rhinehart CB Southern Methodist WAC
6 191 Cleveland Browns James Dearth LS Tarleton State Lone Star from Patriots
6 192 Miami Dolphins Brent Bartholomew P Ohio State Big Ten
6 193 Dallas Cowboys MarTay Jenkins WR Nebraska-Omaha NCC
6 194 Buffalo Bills Armon Hatcher S Oregon State Pac-10
6 195 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lamarr Glenn FB Florida State ACC from Jaguares
6 196 Green Bay Packers Dee Miller WR Ohio State Big Ten
6 197 New York Jets J.P. Machado C Illinois Big Ten
6 198 Atlanta Falcons Jeff Kelly LB Kansas State Big 12 from 49ers
6 199 Minnesota Vikings Antico Dalton LB Hampton MEAC
6 200 Atlanta Falcons Eric Thigpen S Iowa Big Ten
6 201 Philadelphia Eagles Troy Smith WR East Carolina C-USA from Broncos
6 202 Arizona Cardinals Melvin Bradley LB Arkansas SEC
6 203 Green Bay Packers Scott Curry OT Montana Big Sky
6 204 Denver Broncos Chad Plummer WR Cincinnati C-USA
6 205 New York Giants Andre Weathers CB Michigan Big Ten
6 206 Arizona Cardinals Dennis McKinley FB Mississippi State SEC
7 207 Cleveland Browns Madre Hill RB Arkansas SEC from Browns
7 208 Philadelphia Eagles Jed Weaver TE Oregon Pac-10
7 209 Cincinnati Bengals Tony Coats G Washington Pac-10
7 210 Indianapolis Colts Hunter Smith P Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
7 211 Carolina Panthers Tony Booth S James Madison A-10
7 212 Green Bay Packers Chris Akins S Arkansas-Pine Bluff SWAC from Rams
7 213 Green Bay Packers Donald Driver WR Alcorn State SWAC from Bears
7 214 Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Dingle DT Virginia ACC from Chargers
7 215 Detroit Lions Mike Pringley DE North Carolina ACC
7 216 Baltimore Ravens Anthony Poindexter S Virginia ACC
7 217 Washington Redskins Tim Alexander WR Oregon State Pac-10
7 218 Denver Broncos Billy Miller TE USC Pac-10 from Saints
7 219 Pittsburgh Steelers Chad Kelsay LB Nebraska Big 12
7 220 Kansas City Chiefs Eric King G Richmond A-10
7 221 Chicago Bears Sulecio Sanford WR Middle Tennessee Ohio Valley from Browns
7 222 Tennessee Titans Phil Glover LB Utah WAC
7 223 New York Jets Ryan Young OT Kansas State Big 12 from Seahawks
7 224 Oakland Raiders JoJuan Armour S Miami (OH) MAC
7 225 New York Giants Ryan Hale DT Arkansas SEC
7 226 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Robert Hunt G Virginia ACC
7 227 New England Patriots Michael Bishop QB Kansas State Big 12
7 228 Pittsburgh Steelers Kris Brown K Nebraska Big 12 from Cardinals
7 229 Dallas Cowboys Mike Lucky TE Arizona Pac-10
7 230 Buffalo Bills Sheldon Jackson TE Nebraska Big 12
7 231 New York Giants O. J. Childress LB Clemson ACC from Dolphins
7 232 Miami Dolphins Jermaine Haley DT Butte NCFA from Packers
7 233 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Autry Denson RB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)  
7 234 San Francisco 49ers Kory Minor LB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
7 235 New York Jets J.J. Syvrud LB Jamestown N. Dakota
7 236 Minnesota Vikings Noel Scarlett DT Langston NAIA Ind.
7 237 Atlanta Falcons Todd McClure C LSU SEC
7 238 Denver Broncos Justin Swift TE Kansas State Big 12
7 239 Arizona Cardinals Chris Greisen QB NW Missouri State MIAA
7 240 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Darnell McDonald WR Kansas State Big 12
7 241 New England Patriots Sean Morey WR Brown Ivy
7 242 Jacksonville Jaguars Dee Moronkola CB Washington State Pac-10
7 243 Dallas Cowboys Kelvin Garmon G Baylor Big 12
7 244 Miami Dolphins Joe Wong OT BYU WAC
7 245 Cincinnati Bengals Scott Covington QB Miami (FL) Big East
7 246 Jacksonville Jaguars Chris White DE Southern SWAC
7 247 Atlanta Falcons Rondel Menendez WR Eastern Kentucky OVC
7 248 Buffalo Bills Bryce Fisher DE Air Force WAC
7 249 Cincinnati Bengals Donald Broomfield DT Clemson ACC
7 250 Indianapolis Colts Corey Terry LB Tennessee SEC
7 251 Philadelphia Eagles Pernell Davis DT Alabama-Birmingham Ind. (I-A)
7 252 St. Louis Rams Rodney Williams P Georgia Tech ACC
7 253 Chicago Bears Jim Finn FB Pennsylvania Ivy from Browns

Notable Undrafted Players

Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Atlanta Falcons Brendon Ayanbadejo LB UCLA Pac-10
Atlanta Falcons Cornell Green OT UCF Ind. (I-A)
Baltimore Ravens Marques Douglas DE Howard MEAC
Baltimore Ravens Anthony Mitchell S Tuskegee SIAC
Carolina Panthers Jamar Nesbit G South Carolina SEC
Chicago Bears Aaron Stecker RB Western Illinois Gateway
Cleveland Browns Mark Campbell TE Michigan Big Ten
Cleveland Browns Chris Hanson P Marshall MAC
Dallas Cowboys Duane Hawthorne CB NIU MAC
Dallas Cowboys Brian Waters TE North Texas Big West
Minnesota Vikings Cory Withrow C Washington State Pac-10
New England Patriots Corey Ivy CB Oklahoma Big 12
New Orleans Saints Donnie Spragan LB Stanford Pac-10
New York Jets Jermaine Wiggins TE Georgia SEC
Oakland Raiders Barry Sims OT Utah WAC
Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Schneck LS Wisconsin Big Ten
San Diego Chargers Fakhir Brown CB Grambling State SWAC
San Francisco 49ers Kelly Herndon CB Toledo MAC
San Francisco 49ers Joe Zelenka LS Wake Forest ACC
Seattle Seahawks Brian Moorman P Pittsburg State MIAA
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lemar Marshall LB Michigan State Big Ten

Hall of Famers

  • No player selected in this draft has yet been inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame.
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