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The 1990 Entire NFL Draft Review

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Linebacker - Keith McCants
Tampa Bay Buccaneers first overall pick.

The 1990 draft was held April 22–23, 1990, at the Marriot Marquis in New York City, New York. The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

The Dallas Cowboys would have had the #1 overall pick in the draft for the second consecutive year by virtue of their league-worst 1–15 record in 1989. However, the Cowboys forfeited their first round pick by selecting quarterback Steve Walsh in the first round of the previous year's supplemental draft. The first pick instead went to the Atlanta Falcons, who traded it to the Indianapolis Colts.

After picking in the 4th spot in the first round, the Buccaneers drafted 6th, 5th and 4th in subsequent rounds. The additional 4th round pick came from the Denver Broncos in return for Defensive End Ron Holmes. The 8th round pick went to the Rams as part of the 1989 draft day deal for a bunch of late round selections.

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Player Selections

Round 1

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Indianapolis Colts Jeff George Quarterback Illinois
2 New York Jets Blair Thomas Running Back Penn State
3 Seattle Seahawks Cortez Kennedy Defensive Tackle Miami
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Keith McCants Linebacker Alabama
5 San Diego Chargers Junior Seau Linebacker USC
6 Chicago Bears Mark Carrier Free Safety USC
7 Detroit Lions Andre Ware [4] Quarterback Houston
8 New England Patriots Chris Singleton Linebacker Arizona
9 Miami Dolphins Richmond Webb Tackle Texas A&M
10 New England Patriots Ray Agnew Defensive End NC State
11 Los Angeles Raiders Anthony Smith Defensive End Arizona
12 Cincinnati Bengals James Francis Linebacker Baylor
13 Kansas City Chiefs Percy Snow Linebacker Michigan State
14 New Orleans Saints Renaldo Turnbull Defensive End West Virginia
15 Houston Oilers Lamar Lathon Linebacker Houston
16 Buffalo Bills James Williams Cornerback Fresno State
17 Dallas Cowboys Emmitt Smith Running Back Florida
18 Green Bay Packers Tony Bennett Linebacker Mississippi
19 Green Bay Packers Darrell Thompson Running Back Minnesota
20 Atlanta Falcons Steve Broussard Running Back Washington State
21 Pittsburgh Steelers Eric Green Tight End Liberty
22 Philadelphia Eagles Ben Smith Cornerback Georgia
23 Los Angeles Rams Bern Brostek Center Washington
24 New York Giants Rodney Hampton Running Back Georgia
25 San Francisco 49ers Dexter Carter Running Back Florida State
- New York Jets (supplemental) Rob Moore Wide Receiver Syracuse

Round 2

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
26 Dallas Cowboys Alexander Wright Wide Receiver Auburn
27 Atlanta Falcons Darion Conner Outside Linebacker Jackson State
28 New York Jets Reggie Rembert Wide Receiver West Virginia
29 Seattle Seahawks Terry Wooden Outside Linebacker Syracuse
30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reggie Cobb Running Back Tennessee
31 Phoenix Cardinals Anthony Thompson Running Back Indiana
32 Chicago Bears Fred Washington Defensive Tackle Texas Christian
33 Chicago Bears Ron Cox Outside Linebacker Fresno State
34 Seattle Seahawks Robert Blackmon Safety Baylor
35 Detroit Lions Dan Owens Defensive End USC
36 Indianapolis Colts Anthony Johnson Running Back Notre Dame
37 Los Angeles Raiders Aaron Wallace Defensive End Texas A&M
38 Cincinnati Bengals Harold Green Running Back South Carolina
39 Miami Dolphins Keith Sims Guard Iowa State
40 Kansas City Chiefs Tim Grunhard Center Notre Dame
41 Houston Oilers Jeff Alm Defensive Tackle Notre Dame
42 Buffalo Bills Carwell Gardner Running Back Louisville
43 Pittsburgh Steelers Kenny Davidson Defensive End LSU
44 New Orleans Saints Vince Buck Cornerback Central State, Ohio
45 Cleveland Browns Leroy Hoard Running Back Michigan
46 Washington Redskins Andre Collins Linebacker Penn State
47 San Francisco 49ers Dennis Brown Defensive End Washington
48 Green Bay Packers LeRoy Butler Strong Safety Florida State
49 Los Angeles Rams Pat Terrell Free Safety Notre Dame
50 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Bellamy Wide Receiver Illinois
51 New York Giants Mike Fox Defensive End West Virginia
52 Denver Broncos Alton Montgomery Safety Houston
53 San Francisco 49ers Eric Davis Cornerback Jacksonville State

Round 3

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
54 Minnesota Vikings Mike Jones Tight End Texas A&M
55 Atlanta Falcons Oliver Barnett Defensive End Kentucky
56 New York Jets Tony Stargell Cornerback Tennessee State
57 San Diego Chargers Jeff Mills Inside Linebacker Nebraska
58 Phoenix Cardinals Ricky Proehl Wide Receiver Wake Forest
59 New England Patriots Tommy Hodson Quarterback Louisiana State
60 San Diego Chargers Leo Goeas Guard Hawaii
61 Chicago Bears Tim Ryan Defensive Tackle Southern California
62 Detroit Lions Marc Spindler Defensive End Pittsburgh
63 Chicago Bears Peter Tom Willis Quarterback Florida State
64 Dallas Cowboys Jimmie Jones Defensive Tackle Miami
65 Cincinnati Bengals Bernard Clark Inside Linebacker Miami
66 Miami Dolphins Alfred Oglesby Nose Tackle Houston
67 San Diego Chargers Walter Wilson Wide Receiver East Carolina
68 San Francisco 49ers Ronald Lewis Wide Receiver Florida State
69 Buffalo Bills Glenn Parker Guard Arizona
70 Pittsburgh Steelers Neil O'Donnell Quarterback Maryland
71 New Orleans Saints Joel Smeenge Defensive End Western Michigan
72 Houston Oilers Willis Peguese Defensive End Miami
73 Cleveland Browns Anthony Pleasant Defensive End Tennessee State
74 Minnesota Vikings Marion Hobby Defensive End Tennessee
75 Green Bay Packers Bobby Houston Outside Linebacker North Carolina State
76 Washington Redskins Mohammed Elewonibi Tackle Brigham Young
77 Philadelphia Eagles Fred Barnett Wide Receiver Arkansas State
78 Los Angeles Rams Latin Berry Cornerback Oregon
79 New York Giants Greg Mark Inside Linebacker Miami
80 New England Patriots Greg McMurtry Wide Receiver Michigan
81 Pittsburgh Steelers Craig Veasey Defensive Tackle Houston


Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
82 Denver Broncos Jeroy Robinson Inside Linebacker Texas A&M
83 Indianapolis Colts Stacey Simmons Wide Receiver Florida
84 New York Jets Troy Taylor Quarterback California
85 Phoenix Cardinals Travis Davis Nose Tackle Michigan State
86 Washington Redskins Cary Conklin Quarterback Washington
87 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jess Anderson Tight End Mississippi State
88 Chicago Bears Tony Moss Wide Receiver Louisiana State
89 Seattle Seahawks Chris Warren Running Back Ferrum, Va.
90 Detroit Lions Rob Hinckley Linebacker Stanford
91 Cincinnati Bengals Mike Brennan Guard Notre Dame
92 San Francisco 49ers Dean Caliguire Center Pittsburgh
93 Miami Dolphins Scott Mitchell Quarterback Utah
94 Indianapolis Colts Bill Schultz Guard Southern California
95 Los Angeles Raiders Torin Dorn Cornerback North Carolina
96 Kansas City Chiefs Fred Jones Wide Receiver Grambling
97 Pittsburgh Steelers Chris Calloway Wide Receiver Michigan
98 New Orleans Saints DeMond Winston Inside Linebacker Vanderbilt
99 Houston Oilers Eric Still Guard Tennessee
100 Buffalo Bills Eddie Fuller Running Back Louisiana State
101 Cleveland Browns Harlon Barnett Safety Michigan State
102 Green Bay Packers Jackie Harris Tight End Louisiana-Monroe
103 Indianapolis Colts Alan Grant Cornerback Stanford
104 Minnesota Vikings Alonzo Hampton Cornerback Pittsburgh
105 Detroit Lions Chris Oldham Safety Oregon
106 Indianapolis Colts Rick Cunningham Guard Texas A&M
107 New York Giants David Whitmore Safety Stephen F. Austin
108 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tony Mayberry Center Wake Forest
109 Washington Redskins Rico Labbe Defensive Back Boston College

Round 5

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
110 New England Patriots Junior Robinson Cornerback East Carolina
111 Denver Broncos Jeff Davidson Guard Ohio State
112 New York Jets Tony Savage Defensive Tackle Washington State
113 New England Patriots Jon Melander Guard Minnesota
114 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ian Beckles Guard Indiana
115 Phoenix Cardinals Larry Centers Fullback Stephen F. Austin
116 Minnesota Vikings Reggie Thornton Wide Receiver Bowling Green
117 Chicago Bears Pat Chaffey Running Back Oregon State
118 Detroit Lions Jeff Campbell Wide Receiver Colorado
119 Seattle Seahawks Eric Hayes Defensive Tackle Florida State
120 New England Patriots James Gray Running Back Texas Tech
121 Atlanta Falcons Reggie Redding Tackle Cal State-Fullerton
122 Cincinnati Bengals Lynn James Wide Receiver Arizona State
123 Los Angeles Raiders Stan Smagala Defensive Back Notre Dame
124 Kansas City Chiefs Derrick Graham Tackle Appalachian State
125 New Orleans Saints Charles Arbuckle Tight End UCLA
126 Houston Oilers Richard Newbill Linebacker Miami
127 Kansas City Chiefs Ken Hackemack Tackle Texas
128 Pittsburgh Steelers Barry Foster Running Back Arkansas
129 Cleveland Browns Rob Burnett Defensive End Syracuse
130 Washington Redskins Brian Mitchell Running Back Louisiana-Lafayette
131 Minnesota Vikings Cedric Smith Running Back Florida
132 Green Bay Packers Charles Wilson Wide Receiver Memphis
133 Philadelphia Eagles Calvin Williams Wide Receiver Purdue
134 New York Jets Robert McWright Defensive Back Texas Christian
135 New York Giants Craig Kupp Quarterback Pacific Lutheran
136 Denver Broncos Le-Lo Lang Cornerback Washington
137 Miami Dolphins Leroy Holt Fullback Southern California

Round 6

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
138 San Diego Chargers John Friesz Quarterback Idaho
139 Atlanta Falcons Mike Pringle Running Back Cal State-Fullerton
140 New York Jets Terance Mathis Wide Receiver New Mexico
141 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Derrick Douglas Running Back Louisiana Tech
142 Phoenix Cardinals Tyrone Shavers Wide Receiver Lamar
143 San Diego Chargers Frank Cornish Center UCLA
144 Chicago Bears John Mangum Cornerback Alabama
145 San Diego Chargers David Pool Cornerback Carson-Newman
146 Seattle Seahawks Ned Bolcar Middle Linebacker Notre Dame
147 Detroit Lions Maurice Henry Outside Linebacker Kansas State
148 Indianapolis Colts Tony Walker Outside Linebacker S.E. Missouri
149 Los Angeles Raiders Marcus Wilson Running Back Virginia
150 Cincinnati Bengals Don Odegard Cornerback Nevada-Las Vegas
151 Miami Dolphins Sean Vanhorse Cornerback Howard
152 Kansas City Chiefs Tom Sims Defensive Tackle Pittsburgh
153 Houston Oilers Tony Jones Wide Receiver Texas
154 Buffalo Bills John Nies Punter Arizona
155 Pittsburgh Steelers Ronald Heard Wide Receiver Bowling Green
156 New Orleans Saints Mike Buck Quarterback Maine
157 Cleveland Browns Randy Hilliard Cornerback Northwestern State, La.
158 New Orleans Saints James Williams Inside Linebacker Mississippi State
159 Green Bay Packers Bryce Paup Outside Linebacker Northern Iowa
160 Washington Redskins Kent Wells Defensive Tackle Nebraska
161 Los Angeles Rams Tim Stallworth Wide Receiver Washington State
162 Philadelphia Eagles Kevin Thompson Defensive Back Oklahoma
163 San Diego Chargers Derrick Walker Tight End Michigan
164 Denver Broncos Ronnie Haliburton Outside Linebacker Louisiana State
165 San Francisco Frank Pollack Tackle Northern Arizona

Round 7

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
166 Buffalo Bills Brent Griffith Guard Minnesota-Duluth
167 New York Jets Dwayne White Guard Alcorn State
168 New York Jets Basil Proctor Linebacker West Virginia
169 Phoenix Cardinals Johnny Johnson Running Back San Jose State
170 Buffalo Bills Brent Collins Linebacker Carson-Newman
171 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Donnie Gardner Defensive End Kentucky
172 San Diego Chargers Jeff Novak Guard S.W. Texas State
173 Los Angeles Raiders Garry Lewis Cornerback Alcorn State
174 Detroit Lions Tracy Hayworth Outside Linebacker Tennessee
175 Seattle Seahawks Bob Kula Tackle Michigan State
176 Chicago Bears Bill Anderson Center Iowa
177 Cincinnati Bengals Craig Ogletree Outside Linebacker Auburn
178 Cleveland Browns Scott Galbraith Tight End USC
179 Indianapolis Colts James Singletary Linebacker East Carolina
180 Kansas City Chiefs Dave Szott Guard Penn State
181 Buffalo Bills Fred DeRiggi Nose Tackle Syracuse
182 Pittsburgh Steelers Dan Grayson Linebacker Washington State
183 New Orleans Saints Scott Hough Guard Maine
184 Houston Oilers Andy Murray Running Back Kentucky
185 San Diego Chargers Joe Staysniak Guard Ohio State
186 Green Bay Packers Lester Archambeau Defensive End Stanford
187 San Diego Chargers Nate Lewis Wide Receiver Oregon Tech
188 Minnesota Vikings John Levelis Linebacker C.W. Post
189 Philadelphia Eagles Terry Strouf Tackle Wisconsin–La Crosse
190 Los Angeles Rams Kent Elmore Punter Tennessee
191 New York Giants Aaron Emanuel Running Back Southern California
192 Denver Broncos Shannon Sharpe Tight End Savannah State
193 San Diego Chargers Keith Collins Defensive Back Appalachian State

Round 8

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
194 Detroit Lions Willie Green Wide Receiver Mississippi
195 Atlanta Falcons Tory Epps Defensive Tackle Memphis
196 New York Jets Roger Duffy Center Penn State
197 Los Angeles Raiders Arthur Jimerson Defensive End Norfolk State
198 Los Angeles Rams Ray Savage Linebacker Virginia
199 Phoenix Cardinals Mickey Washington Cornerback Texas A&M
200 Chicago Bears James Rouse Running Back Arkansas
201 San Diego Chargers J. J. Flannigan Running Back Colorado
202 Seattle Seahawks Bill Hitchcock Guard Purdue
203 Detroit Lions Roman Fortin Center San Diego State
204 Cincinnati Bengals Doug Wellsandt Tight End Washington State
205 Miami Dolphins Thomas Woods Wide Receiver Tennessee
206 Indianapolis Colts Ken Clark Running Back Nebraska
207 New Orleans Saints Gerry Gdowski Quarterback Nebraska
208 Buffalo Bills Marvcus Patton Middle Line Backer UCLA
209 Pittsburgh Steelers Karl Dunbar Defensive End Louisiana State
210 New Orleans Saints Derrick Carr Defensive End Bowling Green
211 Houston Oilers Brett Tucker Defensive Back NIU
212 Cleveland Browns Jock Jones Outside Linebacker Virginia Tech
213 Indianapolis Colts Harvey Wilson Defensive Back Southern U.
214 Minnesota Vikings Craig Schlichting Defensive End Wyoming
215 Green Bay Packers Roger Brown Cornerback Virginia Tech
216 Los Angeles Rams Elbert Crawford Guard Arkansas
217 Philadelphia Eagles Curt Dykes Tackle Oregon
218 New York Giants Barry Voorhees Tackle Cal State-Northridge
219 Denver Broncos Brad Leggett Center Southern California
220 San Francisco 49ers Dwight Pickens Wide Receiver Fresno State

Round 9

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
221 Dallas Cowboys Kenneth Gant Defensive Back Albany State, Ga.
222 Atlanta Falcons Darrell Jordan Linebacker Northern Arizona
223 New York Jets Dale Dawkins Wide Receiver Miami
224 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Terry Cook Defensive End Fresno State
225 Phoenix Cardinals David Bavaro Inside Linebacker Syracuse
226 New England Patriots Shawn Bouwens Guard Nebraska Wesleyan
227 San Diego Chargers Chris Goetz Guard Pittsburgh
228 Chicago Bears Johnny Bailey Running Back Texas A&M-Kingsville
229 Detroit Lions Jack Linn Tackle West Virginia
230 Los Angeles Raiders Leon Perry Running Back Oklahoma
231 Miami Dolphins Phil Ross Tight End Oregon State
232 Indianapolis Colts Darvell Huffman Wide Receiver Boston U.
233 New Orleans Saints Broderick Graves Running Back Winston-Salem
234 Cincinnati Bengals Mitchell Price Cornerback Tulane
235 Kansas City Chiefs Michael Owens Running Back Syracuse
236 New Orleans Saints Lonnie Brockman Linebacker West Virginia
237 Houston Oilers Pat Coleman Wide Receiver Mississippi
238 Buffalo Bills Clarkston Hines Wide Receiver Duke
239 Pittsburgh Steelers Gary Jones Free Safety Texas A&M
240 Cleveland Browns Eugene Rowell Wide Receiver Southern Mississippi
241 Minnesota Vikings Terry Allen Running Back Clemson
242 Green Bay Packers Kirk Baumgartner Quarterback Wis.-Stevens Point
243 Washington Redskins Tim Moxley Guard Ohio State
244 Philadelphia Eagles Cecil Gray Tackle North Carolina
245 Los Angeles Rams Tony Lomack Wide Receiver Florida
246 New York Giants Clint James Defensive End Louisiana State
247 Denver Broncos Todd Ellis Quarterback South Carolina
248 San Francisco 49ers Odell Haggins Defensive Tackle Florida State
- Phoenix Cardinals (supplemental) Willie Williams Tight End LSU

Round 10

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
249 Minnesota Vikings Pat Newman Wide Receiver Utah State
250 Atlanta Falcons Donnie Salum Linebacker Arizona
251 New York Jets Brad Quast Linebacker Iowa
252 Phoenix Cardinals Dave Elle Tight End South Dakota
253 New England Patriots Anthony Landry Running Back Stephen F. Austin
254 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Busch Tight End Iowa State
255 Chicago Bears Terry Price Defensive End Texas A&M
256 San Diego Chargers Kenny Berry Defensive Back Miami
257 Seattle Seahawks Robert Morris Defensive End Valdosta State
258 Detroit Lions Bill Miller Wide Receiver Illinois State
259 Denver Broncos Jim Szymanski Defensive End Michigan State
260 New Orleans Saints Gary Cooper Wide Receiver Clemson
261 Cincinnati Bengals Eric Crigler Tackle Murray State
262 Washington Redskins D'Juan Francisco Defensive Back Notre Dame
263 Kansas City Chiefs Craig Hudson Tight End Wisconsin
264 Houston Oilers Dee Thomas Defensive Back Nicholls State
265 Buffalo Bills Mike Lodish Defensive Tackle UCLA
266 Pittsburgh Steelers Eddie Miles Linebacker Minnesota
267 New Orleans Saints Ernest Spears Defensive Back Southern California
268 Cleveland Browns Michael Wallace Defensive Back Jackson State
269 Green Bay Packers Jerome Martin Defensive Back Western Kentucky
271 Washington Redskins Thomas Rayam Guard Alabama
271 Minnesota Vikings Donald Smith Defensive Back Liberty
272 Los Angeles Rams Steve Bates Defensive End James Madison
273 Philadelphia Eagles Orlando Adams Defensive Tackle Jacksonville State
274 New York Giants Otis Moore Defensive Tackle Clemson
275 Denver Broncos Anthony Thompson Outside Linebacker East Carolina
276 San Francisco 49ers Martin Harrison Defensive End Washington

Round 11

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
277 Dallas Cowboys Dave Harper Linebacker Humboldt State
278 Atlanta Falcons Chris Ellison Defensive Back Houston
279 New York Jets Derrick Kelson Defensive Back Purdue
280 New England Patriots Sean Smith Defensive End Georgia Tech
281 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Terry Anthony Wide Receiver Florida State
282 Phoenix Cardinals Dempsey Norman Wide Receiver St. Francis, Ill.
283 San Diego Chargers Tommie Stowers Tight End Missouri
284 Chicago Bears Brent White Defensive End Michigan
285 Detroit Lions Reginald Warnsley Running Back Southern Mississippi
286 Seattle Seahawks Daryl Reed Defensive Back Oregon
287 New Orleans Saints Webbie Burnett Nose Tackle Western Kentucky
288 Cincinnati Bengals Tim O'Connor Tackle Virginia
289 San Francisco 49ers Anthony Shelton Safety Tennessee State
290 Indianapolis Colts Carnel Smith Defensive End Pittsburgh
291 Kansas City Chiefs Ernest Thompson Running Back Georgia Southern
292 Buffalo Bills Al Edwards Wide Receiver Northwestern State, La.
293 Pittsburgh Steelers Justin Strzelczyk Guard Maine
294 Philadelphia Eagles John Hudson Guard Auburn
295 Houston Oilers Joey Banes Tackle Houston
296 Cleveland Browns Clemente Gordon Quarterback Grambling
297 Washington Redskins Jon Leverenz Middle Linebacker Minnesota
298 Chicago Bears Roman Matusz Tackle Pittsburgh
299 Green Bay Packers Harry Jackson Running Back St. Cloud State
300 Philadelphia Eagles Tyrone Watson Wide Receiver Tennessee State
301 Los Angeles Rams Bill Goldberg Defensive End Georgia
302 New York Giants Tim Downing Defensive End Washington State
303 Los Angeles Raiders Ron Lewis Wide Receiver Jackson State
304 Los Angeles Raiders Myron Jones Running Back Fresno State

Round 12

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
305 Atlanta Falcons Shawn McCarthy Punter Purdue
306 New York Jets Darrell Davis Defensive End Texas Christian
307 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Todd Hammel Quarterback Stephen F. Austin
308 Phoenix Cardinals Donnie Riley Running Back Central Michigan
309 New England Patriots Ventson Donelson Defensive Back Michigan State
310 Chicago Bears Anthony Cooney Defensive Back Arkansas
311 Indianapolis Colts Gene Benhart Quarterback Western Illinois
312 Seattle Seahawks John Gromos Quarterback Vanderbilt
313 Detroit Lions Robert Claiborne Wide Receiver San Diego State
314 Cincinnati Bengals Andre Riley Wide Receiver Washington
315 Miami Dolphins Bobby Harden Safety Miami
316 Indianapolis Colts Dean Brown Guard Notre Dame
317 Los Angeles Raiders Major Harris Quarterback West Virginia
318 Kansas City Chiefs Tony Jeffery Wide Receiver San Jose State
319 Pittsburgh Steelers Richard Bell Running Back Nebraska
320 New Orleans Saints Chris Port Guard Duke
321 Houston Oilers Reggie Slack Quarterback Auburn
322 New England Patriots Blaine Rose Guard Maryland
323 Cleveland Browns Kerry Simien Wide Receiver Texas A&M-Kingsville
324 Minnesota Vikings Ron Goetz Linebacker Minnesota
325 Green Bay Packers Kirk Maggio Punter UCLA
326 San Diego Chargers Elliott Searcy Wide Receiver Southern U.
327 Philadelphia Eagles Judd Garrett Running Back Princeton
328 Los Angeles Rams David Lang Running Back Northern Arizona
329 New York Giants Matt Stover Kicker Louisiana Tech
330 Phoenix Cardinals Ken McMichel Defensive Back Oklahoma
331 Los Angeles Raiders Demetrius Davis[5] Tight End Nevada

Hall of Famers

  • Emmitt Smith, running back from University of Florida taken 1st round, 17th overall by the Dallas Cowboys.
    Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2010.
  • John Randle, defensive tackle from Texas A&M-Kingsville University, Undrafted.
    Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2010.
  • Shannon Sharpe, tight end from Savannah State University, taken 7th round, 192nd overall by the Denver Broncos.
    Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2011.
  • Cortez Kennedy, defensive tackle from University of Miami, taken 1st round, 3rd overall by the Seattle Seahawks.
    Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2012.
  • Junior Seau, linebacker from University of Southern California, taken 1st round, 5th overall by the San Diego Chargers.
    Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2015 (posthumous).

Notable Undrafted Players

Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Minnesota Vikings John Randle DT Texas A&I Lone Star
Buffalo Bills Vernon Turner  RB/WR Carson–Newman SAC
Cincinnati Bengals Kirk Scrafford  G Montana Big Sky
Dallas Cowboys Ken Willis  K Kentucky SEC
Indianapolis Colts Tony Siragusa  DT Pittsburgh Ind.
Indianapolis Colts Matt Vanderbeek  LB Michigan State Big Ten
Kansas City Chiefs Bryan Barker † P Santa Clara N/A
Minnesota Vikings Pat Eilers  S Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
New England Patriots Tim Hauck  S Montana Big Sky
New Orleans Saints Richard Cooper  OT Tennessee SEC
New York Giants Bobby Abrams  LB Michigan Big Ten
Philadelphia Eagles Otis Smith  CB Missouri Big Eight
Phoenix Cardinals Vernice Smith  G Florida A&M MEAC
Pittsburgh Steelers Kimble Anders † FB Houston SWC
San Francisco 49ers Ricky Siglar  OT San Jose State Big West
Seattle Seahawks Derek Loville  RB Oregon Pac-10
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Steve Christie  K William & Mary Ind. (FCS)
Green Bay Packers John Jurkovic  DT Eastern Illinois Gateway

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