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The 1991 Entire NFL Draft Review

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Defensive Tackle - Charles McRae
Tampa Bay Buccaneers first overall pick.

The 1991 draft was held April 21–22, 1991, at the Marriot Marquis in New York City, New York. On that day, Raghib "Rocket" Ismail from the University of Notre Dame, who was projected as the number one overall pick, signed with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League (CFL). No teams elected to claim any players in the supplemental draft that year.

The first six selections of the draft were defensive players. No previous draft had begun with more than three consecutive defensive picks.

After having the 7th selection in the first round, the Buccaneers subsequently drafted 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th and 7th in later rounds. The additional third and fifth round picks came from trading Linebacker Winston Moss to the Raiders, and the extra 10th round pick from the Saints in return for Defensive End Robert "PIg" Goff.

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Player Selections

Round 1

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Dallas Cowboys Russell Maryland Defensive tackle Miami (FL)
2 Cleveland Browns Eric Turner Safety UCLA
3 Atlanta Falcons Bruce Pickens Cornerback Nebraska
4 Denver Broncos Mike Croel Linebacker Nebraska
5 Los Angeles Rams Todd Lyght Cornerback Notre Dame
6 Phoenix Cardinals Eric Swann Defensive Tackle No College
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Charles McRae Tackle Tennessee
8 Philadelphia Eagles Antone Davis Tackle Tennessee
9 San Diego Chargers Stanley Richard Safety Texas
10 Detroit Lions Herman Moore Wide Receiver Virginia
11 New England Patriots Pat Harlow Tackle USC
12 Dallas Cowboys Alvin Harper Wide Receiver Tennessee
13 Atlanta Falcons Mike Pritchard Wide Receiver Colorado
14 New England Patriots Leonard Russell Running Back Arizona State
15 Pittsburgh Steelers Huey Richardson Defensive End Florida
16 Seattle Seahawks Dan McGwire Quarterback San Diego State
17 Washington Redskins Bobby Wilson Defensive Tackle Michigan State
18 Cincinnati Bengals Alfred Williams Linebacker Colorado
19 Green Bay Packers Vinnie Clark Cornerback Ohio State
20 Dallas Cowboys Kelvin Pritchett Defensive Tackle Mississippi
21 Kansas City Chiefs Harvey Williams Running Back LSU
22 Chicago Bears Stan Thomas Tackle Texas
23 Miami Dolphins Randal Hill Wide Receiver Miami (FL)
24 Los Angeles Raiders Todd Marinovich Quarterback USC
25 San Francisco 49ers Ted Washington Defensive Tackle Louisville
26 Buffalo Bills Henry Jones Safety Illinois
27 New York Giants Jarrod Bunch Fullback Michigan

Round 2

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
28 Houston Oilers Mike Dumas Safety Indiana
29 Cleveland Browns Ed King Guard Auburn
30 Denver Broncos Reggie Johnson Tight end Florida State
31 Los Angeles Rams Roman Phifer Linebacker UCLA
32 Phoenix Cardinals Mike Jones Defensive end North Carolina State
33 Atlanta Falcons Brett Favre Quarterback Southern Mississippi
34 New York Jets Browning Nagle Quarterback Louisville
35 Green Bay Packers Esera Tuaolo Defensive tackle Oregon State
36 San Diego Chargers George Thornton Defensive tackle Alabama
37 Dallas Cowboys Dixon Edwards Linebacker Michigan State
38 Houston Oilers Darryll Lewis Cornerback Arizona
39 San Diego Chargers Eric Bieniemy Running back Colorado
40 Indianapolis Colts Shane Curry Defensive end Miami (FL)
41 New England Patriots Jerome Henderson Cornerback Clemson
42 New Orleans Saints Wesley Carroll Wide receiver Miami (FL)
43 Los Angeles Raiders Nick Bell Running back Iowa
44 Houston Oilers John Flannery Center Syracuse
45 San Francisco 49ers Ricky Watters Running back Notre Dame
46 Pittsburgh Steelers Jeff Graham Wide receiver Ohio State
47 San Diego Chargers Eric Moten Guard Michigan State
48 Philadelphia Eagles Jesse Campbell Safety North Carolina State
49 Chicago Bears Chris Zorich Defensive tackle Notre Dame
50 Kansas City Chiefs Joe Valerio Tackle Pennsylvania
51 Seattle Seahawks Doug Thomas Wide receiver Clemson
52 Cincinnati Bengals Lamar Rogers Defensive end Auburn
53 San Francisco 49ers John Johnson Linebacker Clemson
54 Buffalo Bills Phil Hansen Defensive end North Dakota State
55 New York Giants Kanavis McGhee Linebacker Colorado

Round 3

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
56 New England Patriots Calvin Stephens Guard South Carolina
57 Cleveland Browns James Jones Defensive tackle Northern Iowa
58 Detroit Lions Reggie Barrett Wide receiver Texas-El Paso
59 Phoenix Cardinals Aeneas Williams Cornerback Southern
60 Miami Dolphins Aaron Craver Fullback Fresno State
61 Denver Broncos Keith Traylor Linebacker Central State (OK)
62 Dallas Cowboys Godfrey Myles Linebacker Florida
63 New York Jets Mo Lewis Linebacker Georgia
64 Dallas Cowboys James Richards Guard California
65 Minnesota Vikings Carlos Jenkins Linebacker Michigan State
66 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lawrence Dawsey Wide receiver Florida State
67 Green Bay Packers Don Davey Defensive end Wisconsin
68 Minnesota Vikings Jake Reed Wide receiver Grambling
69 Indianapolis Colts Dave McCloughan Safety Colorado
70 Dallas Cowboys Erik Williams Tackle Central State (OH)
71 Houston Oilers Steve Jackson Cornerback Purdue
72 Cincinnati Bengals Bob Dahl Tackle Notre Dame
73 Pittsburgh Steelers Ernie Mills Wide receiver Florida
74 Seattle Seahawks David Daniels Wide receiver Penn State
75 Philadelphia Eagles Rob Selby Tackle Auburn
76 Washington Redskins Ricky Ervins Running back USC
77 Kansas City Chiefs Tim Barnett Wide receiver Jackson State
78 Chicago Bears Chris Gardocki Punter Clemson
79 Houston Oilers Kevin Donnalley Tackle North Carolina
80 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Robert Wilson Running back Texas A&M
81 Green Bay Packers Chuck Webb Running back Tennessee
82 Buffalo Bills Darryl Wren Cornerback Pittsburg State (KS)
83 New York Giants Ed McCaffrey Wide receiver Stanford

Round 4

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
84 New England Patriots Scott Zolak Quarterback Maryland
85 Cleveland Browns Pio Sagapolutele Defensive tackle San Diego State
86 Phoenix Cardinals Dexter Davis Cornerback Clemson
87 Atlanta Falcons Moe Gardner Defensive tackle Illinois
88 Pittsburgh Steelers Sammy Walker Cornerback Texas Tech
89 Denver Broncos Derek Russell Wide receiver Arkansas
90 San Diego Chargers Yancey Thigpen Wide receiver Winston-Salem State
91 Detroit Lions Robert Hinckley Linebacker Stanford
92 Minnesota Vikings Randy Baldwin Running back Mississippi
93 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tony Covington Safety Virginia
94 New York Jets Mark Gunn Defensive tackle Pittsburgh
95 San Francisco 49ers Mitch Donahue Linebacker Wyoming
96 Indianapolis Colts Mark Vander Poel Tackle Colorado
97 Dallas Cowboys Curvin Richards Running back Pittsburgh
98 Seattle Seahawks John Kasay Kicker Georgia
99 Cincinnati Bengals Donald Hollas Quarterback Rice
100 Los Angeles Raiders Raghib Ismail Wide receiver Notre Dame
101 Houston Oilers David Rocker Defensive tackle Auburn
102 Houston Oilers Marcus Robertson Safety Iowa State
103 Pittsburgh Steelers Adrian Cooper Tight end Oklahoma
104 Philadelphia Eagles William Thomas Linebacker Texas A&M
105 Chicago Bears Joe Johnson Cornerback North Carolina State
106 Dallas Cowboys Bill Musgrave Quarterback Oregon
107 Los Angeles Rams Robert Bailey Cornerback Miami (FL)
108 Dallas Cowboys Tony Hill Defensive end Tennessee-Chattanooga
109 Cincinnati Bengals Rob Carpenter Wide receiver Syracuse
110 Dallas Cowboys Kevin Harris Defensive end Texas Southern
111 New York Giants Clarence Jones Tackle Maryland

Round 5

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
112 New England Patriots Jon Vaughn Running back Michigan
113 Miami Dolphins Bryan Cox Linebacker Western Illinois
114 Atlanta Falcons James Goode Linebacker Oklahoma
115 Denver Broncos Greg Lewis Running back Washington
116 Los Angeles Rams Robert Young Defensive end Mississippi State
117 Phoenix Cardinals Vance Hammond Defensive tackle Clemson
118 Detroit Lions Scott Conover Guard Purdue
119 Minnesota Vikings Chris Thome Center Minnesota
120 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Terry Bagsby Linebacker East Texas State
121 Miami Dolphins Gene Williams Guard Iowa State
122 San Francisco 49ers Merton Hanks Safety Iowa
123 San Diego Chargers Duane Young Tight end Michigan State
124 New England Patriots Ben Coates Tight end Livingstone College
125 Indianapolis Colts Kerry Cash Tight end Texas
126 New Orleans Saints Reggie Jones Cornerback Memphis State
127 San Diego Chargers Floyd Fields Safety Arizona State
128 Seattle Seahawks Harlan Davis Cornerback Tennessee
129 Houston Oilers Gary Wellman Wide receiver USC
130 Cincinnati Bengals Mike Arthur Center Texas A&M
131 Philadelphia Eagles Craig Erickson Quarterback Miami (FL)
132 Dallas Cowboys Darrick Brownlow Linebacker Illinois
133 Kansas City Chiefs Charles Mincy Safety Washington
134 Chicago Bears Anthony Morgan Wide receiver Tennessee
135 Green Bay Packers Jeff Fite Punter Memphis State
136 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tim Ryan Guard Notre Dame
137 San Francisco 49ers Harry Boatswain Tackle New Haven
138 Buffalo Bills Shawn Wilbourn Cornerback Long Beach State
139 New York Giants Anthony Moss Linebacker Florida State

Round 6

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
140 New England Patriots David Key Defensive back Michigan
141 Cleveland Browns Michael Jackson Wide receiver Southern Mississippi
142 Denver Broncos Nick Subis Tackle San Diego State
143 Los Angeles Rams Neal Fort Tackle Brigham Young
144 Phoenix Cardinals Eduardo Vega Tackle Memphis State
145 Atlanta Falcons Erric Pegram Running back North Texas
146 Los Angeles Raiders Nolan Harrison Defensive tackle Indiana
147 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rhett Hall Defensive tackle California
148 New York Jets Blaise Bryant Running back Iowa State
149 Green Bay Packers Walter Dean Running back Grambling
150 San Diego Chargers Jimmy Laister Tackle Oregon Tech
151 Detroit Lions Richie Andrews Kicker Florida State
152 Indianapolis Colts Mel Agee Defensive tackle Illinois
153 Dallas Cowboys Mike Sullivan Guard Miami (FL)
154 New Orleans Saints Fred McAfee Running back Mississippi College
155 Seattle Seahawks Michael Sinclair Defensive end Eastern New Mexico
156 Philadelphia Eagles Andy Harmon Defensive end Kent State
157 Cincinnati Bengals Richard Fain Cornerback Florida
158 Pittsburgh Steelers Leroy Thompson Running back Penn State
159 Washington Redskins Dennis Ransom Tight end Texas A&M
160 New York Jets Mike Riley Cornerback Tulane
161 Chicago Bears Darren Lewis Running back Texas A&M
162 Kansas City Chiefs Darrell Malone Cornerback Jacksonville State
163 Minnesota Vikings Todd Scott Safety Southwestern Louisiana
164 Green Bay Packers Joe Garten Center Colorado
165 San Francisco 49ers Scott Bowles Tackle North Texas
166 Buffalo Bills Millard Hamilton Wide receiver Clark
167 New York Giants Corey Miller Linebacker South Carolina

Round 7

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
168 New England Patriots Blake Miller Center Louisiana State
169 Green Bay Packers Frank Blevins Linebacker Oklahoma
170 Los Angeles Rams Tyrone Shelton Running back William & Mary
171 Phoenix Cardinals Ivory Lee Brown Running back Arkansas-Pine Bluff
172 Atlanta Falcons Brian Mitchell Cornerback Brigham Young
173 Dallas Cowboys Leon Lett Defensive tackle Emporia State
174 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Calvin Tiggle Linebacker Georgia Tech
175 New York Jets Doug Parrish Cornerback San Francisco State
176 Green Bay Packers Reggie Burnette Linebacker Houston
177 San Diego Chargers David Jones Wide receiver Delaware State
178 Detroit Lions Franklin Thomas Tight end Grambling
179 Minnesota Vikings Scotty Reagan Defensive tackle Humboldt State
180 Minnesota Vikings Tripp Welborne Safety Michigan
181 Indianapolis Colts James Bradley Wide receiver Michigan State
182 New Orleans Saints Hayward Haynes Guard Florida State
183 Houston Oilers Kyle Freeman Linebacker Angelo State
184 Cincinnati Bengals Fernandus Vinson Safety North Carolina State
185 Pittsburgh Steelers Andre Jones Linebacker Notre Dame
186 Atlanta Falcons Mark Tucker Center USC
187 Philadelphia Eagles James Joseph Running back Auburn
188 Washington Redskins Keith Cash Tight end Texas
189 Kansas City Chiefs Bernard Ellison Cornerback Nevada
190 Chicago Bears Paul Justin Quarterback Arizona State
191 Miami Dolphins Chris Green Safety Illinois
192 San Diego Chargers Terry Beauford Guard Florida A&M
193 San Francisco 49ers Sheldon Canley Running back San Jose State
194 Buffalo Bills Amir Rasul Running back Florida A&M
195 New York Giants Simmie Carter Defensive back Southern Mississippi

Round 8

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
196 New England Patriots Harry Colon Cornerback Missouri
197 Cleveland Browns Frank Conover Defensive tackle Syracuse
198 Phoenix Cardinals Greg Amsler Running back Tennessee
199 Atlanta Falcons Randy Austin Tight end UCLA
200 Denver Broncos Kenny Walker Defensive end Nebraska
201 Los Angeles Rams Pat Tyrance Linebacker Nebraska
202 New York Jets Tim James Defensive back Colorado
203 Green Bay Packers Johnny Walker Wide receiver Texas
204 Phoenix Cardinals Jerry Evans Tight end Toledo
205 Detroit Lions Cedric Jackson Running back Texas Christian
206 Minnesota Vikings Reggie Johnson Defensive end Arizona
207 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Marty Carter Defensive back Middle Tennessee State
208 Indianapolis Colts Tim Bruton Tight end Missouri
209 Phoenix Cardinals Scott Evans Defensive tackle Oklahoma
210 New Orleans Saints Frank Wainright Tight end Northern Colorado
211 Cincinnati Bengals Mike Dingle Running back South Carolina
212 Pittsburgh Steelers Dean Dingman Guard Michigan
213 Los Angeles Raiders Brian Jones Linebacker Texas
214 Houston Oilers Gary Brown Running back Penn State
215 Washington Redskins Jimmy Spencer Cornerback Florida
216 Philadelphia Eagles Scott Kowalkowski Linebacker Notre Dame
217 Chicago Bears Larry Horton Defensive back Texas A&M
218 Kansas City Chiefs Tom Dohring Tackle Michigan
219 Los Angeles Raiders Todd Woulard Linebacker Alabama A&M
220 Miami Dolphins Roland Smith Defensive back Miami (FL)
221 San Francisco 49ers Tony Hargain Wide receiver Oregon Tech
222 Buffalo Bills Brad Lamb Wide receiver Anderson (IN)
223 New York Giants Lamar McGriggs Defensive back Western Illinois

Round 9

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
224 New England Patriots O'Neil Glenn Guard Maryland
225 Cleveland Browns Raymond Irvin Defensive back Central Florida
226 Atlanta Falcons Ernie Logan Defensive end East Carolina
227 Denver Broncos Don Gibson Defensive tackle USC
228 Los Angeles Rams Jeff Fields Defensive tackle Arkansas State
229 Green Bay Packers Dean Witkowski Linebacker North Dakota
230 San Diego Chargers Andy Katoa Linebacker Southern Oregon State
231 Detroit Lions Darryl Milburn Defensive end Grambling
232 Minnesota Vikings Gerald Hudson Running back Oklahoma State
233 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Treamelle Taylor Wide receiver Nevada
234 New York Jets Paul Glonek Defensive tackle Arizona
235 Dallas Cowboys Damon Mays Wide receiver Missouri
236 Indianapolis Colts Howard Griffith Running back Illinois
237 New Orleans Saints Anthony Wallace Running back California
238 Pittsburgh Steelers Bruce McGonnigal Tight end Virginia
239 Cleveland Browns Shawn Wiggins Wide receiver Wyoming
240 Houston Oilers Shawn Jefferson Wide receiver Central Florida
241 Cincinnati Bengals Shane Garrett Wide receiver Texas A&M
242 Philadelphia Eagles Chuck Weatherspoon Running back Houston
243 Washington Redskins Charles Bell Defensive back Baylor
244 Kansas City Chiefs Robbie Keen Kicker California
245 Chicago Bears Mike Stonebreaker Linebacker Notre Dame
246 Miami Dolphins Scott Miller Wide receiver UCLA
247 Los Angeles Raiders Tahaun Lewis Defensive back Nebraska
248 San Francisco 49ers Louis Riddick Safety Pittsburgh
249 Buffalo Bills Mark Maddox Linebacker Northern Michigan
250 New York Giants Jerry Bouldin Wide receiver Mississippi State

Round 10

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
251 New England Patriots Randy Bethel Tight end Miami (FL)
252 Cleveland Browns Brian Greenfield Punter Pittsburgh
253 Denver Broncos Curtis Mayfield Wide receiver Oklahoma State
254 San Diego Chargers Roland Poles Running back Tennessee
255 Phoenix Cardinals Herbie Anderson Defensive back Texas A&I
256 Atlanta Falcons Walter Sutton Wide receiver SW Minnesota
257 San Diego Chargers Mike Heldt Center Notre Dame
258 Atlanta Falcons Pete Lucas Tackle Wisconsin–Stevens Point
259 Minnesota Vikings Brady Pierce Tackle Wisconsin
260 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pat O'Hara Quarterback USC
261 New York Jets Al Baker Running back Kentucky
262 Green Bay Packers Rapier Porter Tight end Arkansas-Pine Bluff
263 Indianapolis Colts Frank Giannetti Defensive end Penn State
264 Dallas Cowboys Sean Love Guard Penn State
265 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hyland Hickson Running back Michigan State
266 Seattle Seahawks Erik Ringoen Linebacker Hofstra
267 Houston Oilers Curtis Moore Linebacker Kansas
268 Cincinnati Bengals Jim Lavin Guard Georgia Tech
269 Pittsburgh Steelers Ariel Solomon Tackle Colorado
270 Washington Redskins Cris Shale Punter Bowling Green
271 Philadelphia Eagles Eric Harmon Guard Clemson
272 Chicago Bears Tom Backes Defensive end Oklahoma
273 Kansas City Chiefs Eric Ramsey Defensive back Auburn
274 Los Angeles Raiders Andrew Glover Tight end Grambling
275 Miami Dolphins Michael Titley Tight end Iowa
276 San Francisco 49ers Byron Holdbrooks Defensive tackle Alabama
277 Buffalo Bills Tony DeLorenzo Guard New Mexico State
278 New York Giants Luis Cristobal Guard Miami (FL)

Round 11

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
279 New England Patriots Vince Moore Wide receiver Tennessee
280 Cleveland Browns Todd Jones Guard Henderson State
281 Los Angeles Rams Terry Crews Linebacker Western Michigan
282 Phoenix Cardinals Nathan LaDuke Defensive back Arizona State
283 Atlanta Falcons Joe Sims Defensive tackle Nebraska
284 Denver Broncos Shawn Moore Quarterback Virginia
285 Detroit Lions Slip Watkins Wide receiver Louisiana State
286 Minnesota Vikings Ivan Caesar Linebacker Boston College
287 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Sunvold Defensive tackle Minnesota
288 New York Jets Rocen Keeton Linebacker UCLA
289 Green Bay Packers J.J. Wierenga Defensive end Central Michigan
290 San Diego Chargers Joachim Weinberg Wide receiver Johnson C. Smith
291 Dallas Cowboys Tony Boles Running back Michigan
292 Indianapolis Colts Jerry Crafts Tackle Louisville
293 New Orleans Saints Scott Ross Linebacker USC
294 Houston Oilers James Smith Defensive back Richmond
295 Cincinnati Bengals Chris Smith Tight end Brigham Young
296 Pittsburgh Steelers Efrum Thomas Defensive back Alabama
297 Seattle Seahawks Tony Stewart Running back Iowa
298 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Flores Defensive end Louisville
299 Washington Redskins David Gulledge Safety Jacksonville State
300 Kansas City Chiefs Bobby Olive Wide receiver Ohio State
301 Chicago Bears Stacy Long Guard Clemson
302 Miami Dolphins Ernie Rogers Guard California
303 New England Patriots Paul Alsbury Punter Southwest Texas State
304 San Francisco 49ers Bobby Slaughter Wide receiver Louisiana Tech
305 Buffalo Bills Dean Kirkland Guard Washington
306 New York Giants Ted Popson Tight end Portland State

Round 12

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
307 New England Patriots Tim Edwards Defensive tackle Delta State
308 Cleveland Browns Elijah Austin Defensive tackle North Carolina State
309 Phoenix Cardinals Jeff Bridewell Quarterback California-Davis
310 Atlanta Falcons Bob Christian fullback Northwestern
311 Los Angeles Rams Jeff Pahukoa Tackle Washington
312 Los Angeles Rams Ernie Thompson Running back Indiana
313 Minnesota Vikings Darren Hughes Wide receiver Carson-Newman
314 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Al Chamblee Linebacker Virginia Tech
315 New York Jets Mark Hayes Tackle Arizona State
316 Green Bay Packers Linzy Collins Wide receiver Missouri
317 San Diego Chargers Chris Samuels Running back Texas
318 Detroit Lions Zeno Alexander Linebacker Arizona
319 Indianapolis Colts Rob Luedeke Center Penn State
320 Dallas Cowboys Larry Brown Cornerback Texas Christian
321 New Orleans Saints Mark Drabczak Guard Minnesota
322 Cincinnati Bengals Antoine Bennett Defensive back Florida A&M
323 Pittsburgh Steelers Jeff Brady Linebacker Kentucky
324 Seattle Seahawks Ike Harris Guard South Carolina
325 Houston Oilers Alex Johnson Wide receiver Miami (FL)
326 Washington Redskins Keenan McCardell Wide receiver UNLV
327 Philadelphia Eagles Darrell Beavers Defensive back Morehead State
328 Chicago Bears John Cook Defensive tackle Washington
329 Kansas City Chiefs Ron Shipley Guard New Mexico
330 Los Angeles Raiders Dennis Johnson Wide receiver Winston-Salem State
331 Miami Dolphins Joe Brunson Defensive tackle Tennessee-Chattanooga
332 San Francisco 49ers Cliff Confer Defensive end Michigan State
333 Buffalo Bills Stephen Clark Tight end Texas
334 New York Giants Larry Wanke Quarterback John Carroll

Hall of Famers

  • Aeneas Williams, cornerback from Southern University, taken 3rd round 59th overall by the Phoenix Cardinals.
    Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2014.
  • Brett Favre, quarterback from Southern Mississippi, taken in the 2nd round 33rd overall by the Atlanta Falcons.
    Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2016.

Notable Undrafted Players

Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Atlanta Falcons Brad Daluiso  K UCLA Pac-10
Atlanta Falcons George Koonce  LB East Carolina Ind. (I-A)
Chicago Bears James Williams DT Cheyney PSAC
Cincinnati Bengals Joe King  S Oklahoma State Big Eight
Denver Broncos Reggie Rivers  RB Southwest Texas State Southland
Green Bay Packers John Jurkovic  DT Eastern Illinois Gateway
Kansas City Chiefs Willie Davis  WR Central Arkansas Arkansas
Kansas City Chiefs Lonnie Marts  LB Tulane Ind.
Los Angeles Raiders Mike Jones  LB Missouri Big Eight
Miami Dolphins Chuck Klingbeil  DT Northern Michigan N/A
Miami Dolphins Doug Pederson  QB Louisiana–Monroe Southland
New York Giants Tom Rouen  P Colorado Big Eight
Seattle Seahawks Dedrick Dodge  S Florida State Ind.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Roger Jones  CB Tennessee State OVC
Washington Redskins James Jenkins  TE Rutgers Ind.
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