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Monday, October 6, 2003 - Indianapolis Colts vs. BuccaneersFan BUCS helmet Buccaneers vs. Indianapolis Colts Monday, October 6, 2003 - BuccaneersFan BUCS classic helmet

Monday, October 6, 2003 - Home Game

LOSS - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 35 Indianapolis Colts 38

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME (#3 on NFL Top 10's Top Ten Comebacks)

On October 6, the Buccaneers hosted the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football. It marked former coach Tony Dungy's return to Tampa Bay, and he was well received by fans. During pre-game warm-ups, Warren Sapp stirred up controversy when he skipped through the Colts players, who were spread out over the field stretching. It was Sapp's second such "skipping" incident (the first in 2002 against the Steelers), and he drew considerable criticism.

Most of the game was one-sided, with the Buccaneers dominating the first half. On the first play of their second drive, Brad Johnson connected with Keenan McCardell for a 74-yard touchdown, and a 7–0 lead. On the next drive, at their own 33-yard line, Johnson was intercepted by Mike Doss at the Colts 41-yard line. Doss, however, was tackled by John Wade, who punched the ball out and forced a fumble. The ball bounced into the hands of Keenan McCardell, and McCardell ran 57 yards for an improbable fumble recovery touchdown and a 14–0 score. Tampa Bay entered halftime leading 21–0.

With 5:09 remaining in the fourth quarter, Ronde Barber intercepted Peyton Manning and returned the ball 29 yards for a touchdown, and put the Buccaneers up 35–14.

With most of the fans beginning to head for the exits, Indianapolis started an improbable rally. Tampa Bay kicked off, and the ball was returned 90 yards to the 11-yard line. Four plays later, with 3:37 remaining, Indianapolis scored a touchdown on a fourth-down play, to narrow the lead to 35–21. Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt then attempted an onside kick, which sailed airborne and was caught by Colts safety Idrees Bashir at their own 42-yard line. It was later determined by NFL officials that the onside kick was recovered illegally, since it never touched the ground, nor was touched by a Tampa Bay player. The critical error by the officiating crew led by referee Johnny Grier was overlooked, and the game continued.

The Colts scored another touchdown, and narrowed the margin 35–28. Another onside kick attempt was made, but this time it was recovered by Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay attempted to run the clock down to the two-minute warning, but a personal foul by Kenyatta Walker stopped the clock at 2:04 remaining. The Buccaneers were forced to punt with 1:48 to go. Manning then led the Colts on an 87-yard touchdown drive to tie the score 35–35 with 0:35 remaining. In overtime, kicker Mike Vanderjagt missed a 40-yard field goal, but umpire Ed Coukart called a penalty on Simeon Rice for leaping, a rarely seen unsportsmanlike conduct infraction for running and jumping to block a kick and landing on other players. Vanderjagt's subsequent kick was batted and hit the upright, but fell in good, winning the game for the Colts.

It was the largest comeback in NFL history (21 points) in that little amount of time (under 4 minutes to go). With the game-winning field goal, Vanderjagt went on to become the first kicker in NFL history not to miss a kick attempt in a complete season, including the playoffs.


  • WEATHER: Partly Cloudy - 82°F. - Humidity 60% - Wind 0mph Wind Chill 38°F.
    • REFEREE: Johnny Grier
    • UMPIRE: Ed Coukart
    • HEAD LINESMAN: James Wilson
    • LINE JUDGE: Jeff Bergman
    • SIDE JUDGE: Doug Rosenbaum
    • FIELD JUDGE: Eddy Powers
    • BACK JUDGE: Scott Green
    • REPLAY OFFICAL: Dick Creed
    • VIDEO OPERATOR: not documentedd
    • BUCCANEERS: 10:06-1Q McCardell 74 pass from B.Johnson (Gramatica kick)
    • BUCCANEERS: 06:00-1Q McCardell 57 fumble return (Gramatica kick)
    • BUCCANEERS: 10:22-2Q Barlow 3 pass from B.Johnson (Gramatica kick)
    • COLTS: 13:24-3Q Harrison 37 pass from Manning (Vanderjagt kick)
    • BUCCANEERS: 01:20-3Q McCardell 15 pass from B.Johnson (Gramatica kick)
    • COLTS: 12:20-4Q Williams 1 run (Vanderjagt kick)
    • BUCCANEERS: 06:42-4Q Barber 29 interception return (Gramatica kick)
    • COLTS: 04:15-4Q Mungro 3 run (Vanderjagt kick)
    • COLTS: 03:02-4Q Harrison 28 pass from Manning (Vanderjagt kick)
    • COLTS: 01:37-4Q Williams 1 run (Vanderjagt kick)
    • COLTS: 03:52-OT Vanderjagt FG29
    • WR: #19 K. Johnson
    • LT: #72 R. Oben
    • LG: #60 C. Coleman
    • C: #76 J. Wade
    • RG: #65 J. Whittle
    • RT: #67 K. Walker
    • TE: #85 K. Dilger
    • WR: #87 K. McCardell
    • QB: #14 B. Johnson
    • FB: #40 M. Alstott
    • RB: #32 M. Pittman
    • RE: #97 S. Rice
    • NT: #92 A. McFarland
    • DT: #99 W. Sapp
    • LE: #94 G. Spires
    • SLB: #56 R. Nece
    • MLB: #52 N. Webster
    • WLB: #55 D. Brooks
    • RCB: #20 R. Barber
    • LCB: #25 B. Kelly
    • SS: #47 J. Lynch
    • FS: #26 D. Smith
    • 7 Gramatica, 9 Tupa, 22 Jones, 23 Phillips, 27 Stecker, 30 Barnes, 31 Wansley, 35 Ivy, 38 Howell, 43 Cook, 57 Rudd, 58 Golden, 66 Benjamin, 71 Jenkins, 79 Mahan, 80 Yoder, 84 Barlow, 86 Williams, 89 Heller, 91 Darby, 95 Warner, 96 Wyms
    • 10 King
    • 2 Simms, 13 Minnis, 53 Quarles, 61 Pinkney, 62 King, 74 Green, 83 Jurevicius, 90 White


    • BUCCANEERS: ittman 16-106, Stecker 9-22, B.Johnson 3-8, Jones 2-2, Alstott 3-1.
    • COLTS: Williams 13-56, Mungro 6-20, Rhodes 3-(-2).
    • BUCCANEERS: B.Johnson 39-26-318-1-3.
    • COLTS: Manning 47-34-386-1-2.
    • BUCCANEERS: Dilger 6-63, McCardell 4-106, K.Johnson 4-62, Pittman 4-35, Alstott 2-25, Barlow 2-14, Jones 2-10, Cook 1-3, Stecker 1-0.
    • COLTS: arrison 11-176, Williams 7-38, Wayne 4-59, Clark 5-23, Walters 4-42, Pollard 2-44, Rhodes 1-4.
    • BUCCANEERS: Barber 1-29.
    • COLTS: Doss 1-15.
    • BUCCANEERS: Stecker 3-48, Barlow 1-30, Williams 1-15.
    • COLTS: Pyatt 5-177, Mungro 1-5.
    • BUCCANEERS: Williams 3-28.
    • COLTS: Pyatt 1-9.
    • BUCCANEERS: Wyms 1-5.
    • COLTS: none.

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