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Sunday, September 24, 2000 - New York Jets vs. BuccaneersFan BUCS helmet Buccaneers vs. New York Jets Sunday, September 24, 2000 - BuccaneersFan BUCS classic helmet

Sunday, September 24, 2000 - Home Game

LOSS - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17 New York Jets 21

Buccaneers entered week four undefeated at 3–0. Wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson had been traded to the Buccaneers over the offseason, and for the first time, would meet his former club, the New York Jets. Johnson was vocal in the days leading up to the game, publicly ripping former teammate Wayne Chrebet by contrasting himself as "a star while (Chrebet) is a flashlight."

In the rain, quarterback Shaun King struggled, but led the Buccaneers to a 10–6 lead at halftime. In the first quarter, King went long for Jacquez Green, who caught it as two Jets defenders misplayed the ball, and went down the sideline for what appeared to be an 86 yard touchdown, but he was ruled out at the 11 and the Bucs settled for a field goal. The Bucs' touchdown came on a sensational one-handed catch by tight end Dave Moore. Near the end of the first half, King threw his first interception of the season in Bucs territory, but survived the setback without it leading to points as Jets quarterback Vinny Testaverde threw an interception of his own two plays later.

In the third quarter, Ronde Barber returned a Testaverde interception 37 yards to extend the lead to 17–6. It looked like the Bucs would hold as linebacker Jamie Duncan intercepted another pass for Testaverde's third interception of the game in the fourth quarter. Vinny Testaverde played so poorly that he was benched for one drive with Ray Lucas, but after he too failed to generate much offense, Testaverde was given one more chance with 5:01 to go. Finally he stepped up, leading the Jets inside the 10. With two minutes to go, Testaverde scored a 6-yard touchdown pass to Curtis Martin. Martin followed with a two-point conversion run to narrow the score to 17–14. On the ensuing drive, Buccaneers fullback Mike Alstott lost a fumble, and it was recovered by the Jets. With 52 seconds remaining, Jets offensive coordinator Dan Henning called for a halfback option pass. Testaverde flipped the ball to Curtis Martin, who then executed a halfback option pass to Wayne Chrebet to score an improbable game-winning touchdown, and a 21–17 final score.

After considerable media attention going into the game, Keyshawn Johnson was held to one catch for 1 yard, which came on a shovel pass. In light of the attention that was placed on the matchup, and the embarrassing last-minute loss, the game eventually became known as the "Keyshawn Bowl."


  • WEATHER: Rainy - 82°F. - Humidity 89% - Wind S.W. 9mph Wind Chill 82°F.
    • REFEREE: Phil Luckett
    • UMPIRE: Bob Wagner
    • HEAD LINESMAN: Gary Slaughter
    • LINE JUDGE: Ron Marinucci
    • SIDE JUDGE: Terry McAulay
    • BACK JUDGE: Bob Skelton
    • FIELD JUDGE: Lloyd McPeters
    • REPLAY OFFICIAL: Dick Creed
    • VIDEO OPERATOR: Bill Tracy
    • BUCCANEERS: 08:17-1Q Gramatica FG22
    • JETS: 03:00-1 Hall FG41
    • BUCCANEERS: 11:53-2Q Moore 3 pass from King (Gramatica kick)
    • JETS: 01:47-2Q Hall FG27
    • BUCCANEERS: 03:55-3Q Barber 37 interception return (Gramatica kick)
    • JETS: 02:00-4Q Martin 6 pass from Testaverde (Martin run
    • JETS: 00:52-4Q Chrebet 18 pass from Martin (Hall kick)
    • WR: #81 J. Green
    • LT: #69 P. Pierson
    • LG: #64 R. McDaniel
    • C: #62 J. Christy
    • RG: #73 F. Middleton
    • RT: #71 J. Wunsch
    • TE: #83 D. Moore
    • WR: #19 K. Johnson
    • QB: #10 S. King
    • RB: #28 W. Dunn
    • FB: #40 M. Alstott
    • LE: #72 C. Ahanotu
    • NT: #92 A. McFarland
    • DT: #99 W. Sapp
    • RE: #78 M. Jones
    • SLB: #53 S. Quarles
    • MLB: #59 J. Duncan
    • WLB: #55 D. Brooks
    • LCB: #21 D. Abraham
    • RCB: #20 R. Barber
    • SS: #47 J. Lynch
    • FS: #24 D. Robinson
    • 3 Royals, 7 Gramatica, 22 Stecker, 25 Kelly, 31 Young, 33 Vance, 34 Jackson, 50 Gooch, 51 Singleton, 52 Webster, 58 Davis, 60 Coleman, 68 Unutoa, 75 Washington, 79 Hegamin, 84 Spence, 82 Hape, 85 Anthony, 86 Williams, 94 White, 97 Jackson, 98 Cannida
    • 15 Zeier
    • 14 Hamilton, 27 Abdullah, 46 Gibson, 65 Dogins, 76 Curry, 80 Yoder, 88 Hastings, 95 McLaughlin


    • BUCCANEERS: Alstott 16-60, Dunn 13-53, King 2-8, Stecker 1-(-2).
    • JETS: Martin 18-90, Lucas 1-9, Testaverde 5-(-1).
    • BUCCANEERS: King 19-7-135-2-1.
    • JETS: Testaverde 42-22-181-3-1, Martin 1-1-18-0-1, Lucas 1-1-5-0-0.
    • BUCCANEERS: Moore 2-10, Green 1-75, Alstott 1-21, Anthony 1-18, Dunn 1-10, Johnson 1-1.
    • JETS: Anderson 7-42, Martin 7-27, Ward 3-44, Coles 2-34, Chrebet 2-32, Becht 2-20, Baxter 1-5
    • BUCCANEERS: Barber 1-37, Duncan 1-10, Robinson 1-1
    • JETS: Green 1-17, Glenn 1-0.
    • BUCCANEERS: Stecker 2-56.
    • JETS: Williams 3-93.
    • BUCCANEERS: Williams 4-41.
    • JETS: Ward 5-46.
    • BUCCANEERS: Ahanotu 1-6.
    • JETS: Abraham 1-9, Lewis 1-6.

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