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Sunday, September 17, 2017 - Chicago Bears vs. BuccaneersFan BUCS helmet Buccaneers vs. Chicago Bears Sunday, September 17, 2017 - BuccaneersFan BUCS classic helmet

Sunday, September 30, 2018 - Away Game

LOSS - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10 Chicago Bears 48

Fitzpatrick started and Winston returned after a three-game suspension.

To describe what happened to us today as a bad loss would be minimizing the manner in which our Buccaneers lost to the Bears. The over-all effect became painfully obvious with all of us who saw Big Nasty's expression on national television. The Buccaneers didn't just lose, we were humiliated in a bloodbath.

The Bears won 48-10. It likely would've been worse if they hadn't obviously eased up in the second half. The Bears offense torched our defense with Mitchell Trubisky's six touchdowns. Our offense was sacked four times, intercepted three times, and penalized 11 times for 99 yards. It was a Category 5 disaster on both sides of the ball today.


Thank God we have a BYE week to recover from our back-to-back devistating losses, BUT WAIT - It could get worse... You know it's bad when your own coach is advocating for his own dismissal, which is what Dirk Koetter did after the game.

"Based on that game today, we couldn't make enough changes," Koetter said, via NFL.com. "We should fire every person that was on that field today, starting with me. That was horrific."

OK Coach - Were all in agreement that the game was horrific... But never threaten mutiny... Lets Get Ready To Rock ATLANTA in two weeks GO BUCS!

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GAMEDAY BRIEF - END OF GAME - Final score Buccaneers 10 - Bears 48

00:40: Daniel kneels @ Chicago 43 for - 1 yard loss - Game Clock expires.

01:22: Daniel kneels @ Chicago 44 for - 1 yard loss.

01:32: Buccaneeers, (No Huddle, Shotgun) A terrible short-right pass by Winston, intended for Brate, gets picked off by Lynch, who had never recorded an NFL interception before. That pretty much does it from Soldier Field.

06:28: Bears, Parkey field goal, from 46 yards out pad the Bears’ lead after a 11-play 47-yard drive. The series expired over seven minutes from regualtion game play. Buccaneers 10, Bears 48

13:36: TOUCHDOWN, BUCCANEERS. Cameron Brate, a Naperville Central grad, scores the Buccaneers’ first touchdown of the game off a deep middle pass from Jameis Winston. Adrian Amos hit Brate hard in the back trying to free the ball loose, but Brate held on despite looking uncomfortable after the play. Buccaneers 10, Bears 45

14:13: Buccaneers (Shotgun) @ Chicago 27, the Buccaneers, not having anything to lose at this point, went for it on fourth-and-3 and succeeded.

End of 3rd quarter: Buccaneers 03 - Bears 45

00:16: Buccaneeers, Winston sacked @ Chicago 38 for a 4 yard loss 1st and 14 yards.

04:04: Buccaneeers, begin series for a 49 yard drive.

04:11: Bears, O’Donnell punts for the first time in the game with 4:04 left in the third quarter, which tends to be a good sign for your offense.

10:32: Bears, Six touchdown passes for Mitch Trubisky, who has apparently become the best QB in Bears franchise history in exactly one week. The only suspense now is whether Trubisky can tie the NFL record by throwing his seventh touchdown within the remaining 29:28 of regulation game time.

11:19: Buccaneeers, INTERCEPTION - A Winston tipped pass deep middle intended for Jackson was popped straight into the air in the middle of the Bears’ defense, giving Trevathan an easy interception. Mack, unsurprisingly having a great game at our expense, was the one responsible for hitting Winston while he threw..

13:36: RETURN TO GAME-PLAY. Winston returns, from a 3-game suspension, replacing the battered Fizpatrick after a very rough first half.

Halftime: Buccaneers 03 - Bears 38

00:03: Bears, Parkey wraps up the first half by nailing a 50-yard field goal. WE were sent to the gallows by the Bears in the first half

02:23: DISQUALIFICATION - Bears, In a weird development, Akiem Hicks is EJECTED from the game for pushing an official after a tussle on the field with a Buccaneers player. That’s a bad mistake from one of the Bears’ best players, even if it’s unlikely to cost them with a 32-point lead in hand.

02:23: Buccaneers (Shotgun) Fitzpatrick, pass short right intended for Evans was INTERCEPTED by Jackson @ Chicago 18 for no gain ending a possible come back. A big pass to Jackson origionally placed the Buccaneers into the red zone.

05:00: Touchdown - (shotgun) Bears, Trubisky flick pass short middle to Gabriel for 3 yards. When it rains it pours, apparently, because our Buccaneers can’t stop anything right now. Bears QB Trubisky, who now has five touchdowns in this game, which is more than any Bears QB has thrown in one game since 1949. Buccaneers 03 - Bears 35

08:16: Buccaneers PUNT - Another three-and-out for Tampa Bay means the Bears will get the ball back with a chance to extend their first-half lead.

09:05: Touchdown - (shotgun) Bears, At this point we can't tell whether the Bears’ offense looks amazing or the Buccaneers’ defense have bain fog right now. Bears QB Trubisky found Burton wide open getting the Bears into the red zone again, then Jay Bellamy was wide open for the 20-yard TD. This is not going well for our BUCS. Buccaneers 03 - Bears 28

10:55: Buccaneers - (shotgun) Fitzpatrick sacked @ Tampa Bay 17 for a 7 yard loss, FUMBLES, recovered by Rodgers. Another forced fumble by Mack, who is creating seemingly constant chaos in the Buccaneers backfield. We recovered the fumble thankfully and punted, but that’s not much consolation with us trailing by 18 points in the first half.

12:26: Touchdown - (shotgun) Bears, Trubisky pass short middle to Cohen for 9 yards. Cohen is dicing up the Buccaneers defense at-will right now, scoring off an easy pass from Trubisky, who is now 8-of-10 for 154 yards with three touchdowns. Buccaneers 03 - Bears 21

13:22: Bears - CATCH-AT-WILL, a long pass to Taylor Gabriel! A long pass to Tarik Cohen! If it wasn’t for a couple of bIG tackles by the Buccaneers’ secondary, each of those plays could’ve been a Bears touchdown. Trubisky appears to be hitting recievers at random dominating the BUCS secondary.

15:00: FIELDGOAL, BUCCANEERS; The kick is GOOD. Catanzaro hits from 30 yards out to get the Buccaneers on the scoreboard five seconds into the second quarter.

End of 1st quarter: Buccaneers 00 - Bears 14

01:27: Buccaneers, Fitzpatrick pass deep middle to Jackson who was pushed out of bounds @ Chicago 17 for a 48 yard gain. Finally a big play needed to begin to rally and change momenteum with Jackson finding some space in the middle of the defense on the 48 yard gain, but the drive stalled out inside the 20-yard line at the end of the quarter. Buccaneers have fourth down and a likely field goal attempt waiting when the second quarter begins.

02:18: Touchdown - Bears - (shotgun) Trubisky pass short left to Robinson II for 14 yards and a TD. Robinson’s first touchdown as a Bear came off a pass where Trubisky dropped the ball right into the receiver’s hands in the end zone. The scoring drive went seven plays for 73 yards in 3:34. Buccaneers 00 - Bears 14

10:05: Buccaneers - SACKS RECORD - Trubisky on an underwhelming drive where he missed one throw and got sacked trying to escape the pocket on another. Buccaneers Jason-Pierre is now tied with Khalil Mack for the league lead in sacks with four this season.

11:01: Buccaneers - The thrilling opening to the game got the Bears fans going and their defense seemed to be feeding off that on the energy stopping the Buccaneers first drive, which ended with a three-and-out.

12:27: Touchdown - Bears - Trubisky pass deep right to Burton for 39 yards and a TD. Trubisky made a big 23-yard run on a QB sneak to get the Bears into Buccaneers’ territory, then took advantage of a fallen Buccaneer Back to capitalize and hit a wide open Trey Burton for an easy 39-yard touchdown. Buccaneers 00 - Bears 07

15:00: COIN TOSS - BUCCANEERS WIN - For the first time this season the Bears are opening the game with possession. We won the coin toss and deferred in each of the first three games. A mistake that will haunt us as it gives QB Trubisky a chance to build some early confidence and eventually dominate us. Buccaneers 00 - Bears 00


  • WEATHER: Cloudy - 66°F. - Humidity 62% - Wind S.S.W. 5 mph Wind Chill 62°F.
    • REFEREE: Jerome Boger
    • UMPIRE: Bill Schuster
    • DOWN JUDGE: Mike Carr
    • LINE JUDGE: Rusty Baynes
    • FIELD JUDGE: Dale Shaw
    • SIDE JUDGE: Mike Weatherford
    • BACK JUDGE: Tony Steratore
    • REPLAY OFFICIAL: John McGrath
    • BEARS: 12:20-1Q Burton 39 yd. pass from Trubisky (Parkey kick) (6-75, 2:40)
    • BEARS: 02:11-1Q Robinson II 14 yd. pass from Trubisky (Parkey kick) (7-73, 3:34)
    • BUCCANEERS: 14:55-2Q Catanzaro 30 yd. Field Goal (6-60, 2:16)
    • BEARS: 12:21-2Q Cohen 9 yd. pass from Trubisky (Parkey kick) (4-77, 2:34)
    • BEARS: 08:59-2Q Bellamy 20 yd. pass from Trubisky (Parkey kick) (4-73, 1:46)
    • BEARS: 04:56-2Q Gabriel 3 yd. pass from Trubisky (Parkey kick) (6-70, 3:12
    • BEARS: 00:00-2Q Parkey 50 yd. Field Goal (10-59, 2:17
    • BEARS: 10:28-3Q Gabriel 3 yd. pass from Trubisky (Parkey kick) (4-60, 0:37)
    • BUCCANEERS: 13:30-4Q Brate 16 yd. pass from Winston (Catanzaro kick) (11-79, 5:34
    • WR: #11 D. Jackson
    • WR: #10 A. Humphries
    • LT: #76 D. Smith
    • LG: #74 A. Marpet
    • C: #66 R. Jensen
    • RG: #77 C. Benenoch
    • RT: #69 D. Dotson
    • WR: #13 M. Evans
    • TE: #80 O. Howard
    • QB: #14 R. Fitzpatrick
    • RB: #25 P. Barber
    • DE: #97 V. Curry
    • DT: #93 G. McCoy
    • DT: #92 W. Gholston
    • DE: #90 J.Pierre-Paul
    • MLB: #58 K. Alexander
    • WLB: #54 L. David
    • CB: #36 M. Stewart
    • CB: #33 C. Davis
    • CB: #24 B. Grimes
    • S: #21 J. Evans
    • S: #39 I. Johnson
    • QB 3 J.Winston, K 7 C.Catanzaro, P 9 B.Anger, WR 12 C.Godwin, WR 17 J.Watson, DB 22 M.Williams, S 26 A.Adams, RB 27 R.Jones, CB 29 R.Smith, RB 32 J.Rodgers, DB 35 J.Elliott, TE 45 A.Cross, LB 48 J.Cichy, DT 50 V.Vea, LB 52 C.Lynch, LB 53 A.Taylor, DE 56 J.Worthy, T 61 L.Wester, OL 62 E.Smith, TE 82 A.Auclair, TE 84 C.Brate, LS 89 G.Sanborn, DE 94 C.Nassib, DE 95 W.Clarke
    • none.
    • QB 4 R.Griffin, S 31 J.Whitehead, RB 38 S.Wilson, DE 57 N.Spence, OL 65 A.Cappa, OL 67 M.Liedtke, DT 91 B.Allen


    • BUCCANEERS: Jones 10-29, Barber 7-24, Winston 1-7.
    • BEARS: Cohen 13-53, Trubisky 3-53, Howard 11-25, Gabriel 1-10, Cunningham 1-0, Daniel 2-(-2)
    • BUCCANEERS: Winston 20-16-145-1-17, Fitzpatrick 18-9-126-0-48.
    • BEARS: Trubisky 26-19-354-6-47.
    • BUCCANEERS: Evans 6-59, Humphries 6-36, Jackson 5-112, Brate 3-29, Godwin 2-22, Auclair 1-8, Barber 1-6, Jones 1-(-1), Howard 0-0.
    • BEARS: Cohen 7-121, Gabriel 7-104, Burton 2-86, Robinson II 2-23, Bellamy 1-20, Wims 0-0, Howard 0-0
    • BUCCANEERS: none
    • BEARS: Lynch 1-20, Trevathan 1-12, Jackson 1-0
    • BUCCANEERS: Rodgers 1-21, TOUCHBACKS 7-0
    • BEARS: Cunningham 1-28, TOUCHBACKS 2-0
    • BUCCANEERS: Jackson 1-2, Humphries 0-0
    • BEARS: Cohen 3-14, OUT OF BOUNDS 1-0
    • BUCCANEERS: Pierre-Paul 1-10,
    • BEARS: Hicks 1-7, Lynch 1-4, Mack 1-2, Nichols 0.5-3.5, Robertson-Harris 0.5-3.5

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